descriptionPHP bindings
last changeThu, 30 Mar 2017 13:02:21 +0000
2017-03-30 Vasiliy Tolstovfix libvirt_stream_send/libvirt_stream_recv master
2017-03-30 Vasiliy Tolstovallow to specify empty base and top for block commit
2017-02-16 Shaun Reitanconfigure: Don't run php-config directly
2016-09-29 Michal PrivoznikClean up debug macros
2016-09-29 Michal Privozniksockets: Drop include of libvirt-php.h
2016-09-29 Michal Privoznikvncfunc: Drop include of libvirt-php.h
2016-09-29 Michal Privozniksrc: Introduce sockets.h
2016-09-29 Michal Privozniksrc: Introduce vncfunc.h
2016-09-29 Michal Privozniksrc: Introduce util.c
2016-09-29 Michal Privozniksrc: Introduce util.h
2016-09-29 Michal Privozniklibvirt-php.c: Move system headers together
2016-09-27 Michal PrivoznikMove VNC_MAX_AUTH_ATTEMPTS to vncfunc.c
2016-09-27 Michal PrivoznikMove DEFAULT_LOG_MAXSIZE to libvirt-php.c
2016-09-24 Michal Privoznikvncfunc: Honour static function
2016-09-24 Michal Privozniklibvirt_domain_get_screenshot_api: Don't unlink screens...
2016-09-24 Katerina Koukioulibvirt-php.c: Fix coding style issues in macros
12 months ago libvirt-php-0.5.2 Release of libvirt-php-0.5.2
18 months ago libvirt-php-0.5.1 Update version to libvirt-php 0.5.1
3 years ago libvirt-php-0.5.0 Update version to libvirt-php 0.5.0
3 years ago libvirt-php-0.4.9 Update version to libvirt-php 0.4.9
3 years ago libvirt-php-0.4.8 Update version to libvirt-php 0.4.8
4 years ago libvirt-php-0.4.7 Release of libvirt-php version...
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