descriptionTechnology Compatability Kit
ownerDaniel Berrange
last changeTue, 29 Sep 2015 15:00:10 +0000
2015-09-29 Cédric Bosdonnat240-no-arp-spoofing.t: get virt-builder install dsniff master
2015-09-29 Cédric BosdonnatMake sure the image has been started properly started...
2015-09-29 Cédric BosdonnatAdd DomainBuilder->rminterface function.
2015-09-29 Cédric BosdonnatCreate has_disk_image from code of get_virt_builder_disk
2015-09-29 Cédric BosdonnatPing test: use domifstats to wait for dhcp to be setup...
2015-01-27 Mike LatimerPrevent list_snapshots from causing test cleanup failure
2015-01-27 Mike LatimerEnsure uri_transport is defined before using it
2015-01-27 Mike Latimerhooks/05[12]: Fix typo in skip
2015-01-27 Mike Latimernwfilter/050-apply-verify-host.t: Fix typo, cleanup...
2015-01-27 Mike Latimerhooks/051-daemon-hook: Return 0 after connection reset
2014-11-11 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd fixed uuid for tck-testcase nwfilter
2014-10-23 Jim FehligFix PCI device hotplug tests
2014-06-27 Roman Bogorodskiydocs: typo fixes
2014-04-15 Mike Latimer202-numa-set-parameters.t: use AFFECT_CONFIG when chang...
2014-04-15 Mike Latimer220-no-ip-spoofing.t: Don't use a static netmask
2014-04-15 Mike Latimer210-no-mac-spoofing.t: Catch network is unreachable...
6 years ago v0.1.0
8 weeks ago master