qemu: completely rework reference counting
[libvirt.git] / src / lxc /
6 days ago Michal Privoznikvirconf: Introduce VIR_CONF_ULONG
11 days ago Matthew Rosatonetwork: Bring netdevs online later v1.2.11-rc2
11 days ago Cédric Bosdonnatlxc: give RW access to /proc/sys/net/ipv[46] to containers
13 days ago Laine Stumplxc: always use virDomainNetGetActualBridgeName to...
2014-12-02 John FerlanReplace virNetworkFree with virObjectUnref
2014-11-28 Jiri DenemarkFix usage of virReportSystemError
2014-11-25 Cédric Bosdonnatlxc: don't unmount subtree if it contains the source...
2014-11-25 Cédric Bosdonnatlxc: be more patient while resolving symlinks
2014-11-19 Anirban Chakrabortynetwork: Add network bandwidth support to ethernet...
2014-11-14 Martin KletzanderRemove unnecessary curly brackets in rest of src/[a...
2014-11-13 Erik Skultetylxc: fix setmem effect on a running LXC machine
2014-11-11 Wang Ruilxc: don't setup cpuset.mems if memory mode in numatune...
2014-11-06 Martin Kletzandernuma: split util/ and conf/ and support non-contiguous...
2014-11-04 Ján TomkoRequire at least one console for LXC domain
2014-11-04 Ján TomkoDo not probe for power mgmt capabilities in lxc emulator
2014-11-03 Martin Kletzanderlxc: improve error message for invalid blkiotune settings
2014-10-30 Ján TomkoSpell TIOCSCTTY right in the error message
2014-10-29 Eric Blakemaint: avoid static zero init in drivers
2014-10-23 Daniel P. BerrangeRename virDriver to virHypervisorDriver
2014-09-26 Michal Privozniklxc_monitor_protocol: Redefine xdr_uint64_t if needed
2014-09-26 Tomoki Sekiyamanodeinfo: fix version of nodeAllocPages
2014-09-25 Michal Privozniknodeinfo: Implement nodeAllocPages
2014-09-17 Wang Yufeimaint: clean up _virDomainMemoryStat
2014-09-17 Wang Yufeimaint: clean up _virDomainBlockStats
2014-09-17 Wang Yufeimaint: clean up _virDomainInterfaceStats
2014-09-11 John Ferlanlxc: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL
2014-09-04 Eric Blakemaint: use consistent if-else braces in lxc, vbox,...
2014-09-04 Chen HanxiaoLXC: add HOME environment variable
2014-09-03 Wang Ruilxc_container: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK
2014-09-02 Matthew Rosatoutil: Introduce flags field for macvtap creation
2014-08-22 Michal PrivoznikFix spacing around commas
2014-08-20 Martin Kletzandercleanup spaces between parentheses and braces
2014-08-20 Martin Kletzanderlxc: forbid negative blkio values
2014-08-20 Peter Krempaconf: Pass virStorageSource into virDomainDiskSourceIsB...
2014-08-14 Richard WeinbergerLXC: Fix virLXCControllerSetupDevPTS() wrt user namespaces
2014-08-13 Chen HanxiaoLXC: resolve issues in lxcDomainSetMaxMemory
2014-08-04 Ján TomkoDon't overwrite errors from virNetDevBandwidthSet
2014-07-24 Martin Kletzanderremove range checking for blkiotune weight
2014-07-24 John Ferlanhostdev: Introduce virDomainHostdevSubsysUSB
2014-07-24 Martin Kletzandernumatune: finish the split from domain_conf and remove...
2014-07-23 Eric Blakemetadata: track title edits across libvirtd restart
2014-07-23 Ján TomkoIntroduce virTristateSwitch enum
2014-07-23 Peter KrempaFix build after 47e5b5ae3262f140955abd57bbb13337c65a3497
2014-07-23 Chen HanxiaoLXC: show used memory as 0 when domain is not active
2014-07-23 Cédric Bosdonnatlxc domain from xml: convert lxc.cap.drop
2014-07-23 Cédric Bosdonnatlxc: allow to keep or drop capabilities
2014-07-23 Chen HanxiaoLXC: create a bind mount for sysfs when enable userns...
2014-07-18 Cédric Bosdonnatlxc conf2xml: convert lxc.network.name for veth networks
2014-07-18 Cédric Bosdonnatlxc network configuration allows setting target contain...
2014-07-16 Martin Kletzandernumatune: add support for per-node memory bindings...
2014-07-16 Martin Kletzandernumatune: Encapsulate numatune configuration in order...
2014-07-16 Martin Kletzandernumatune: unify numatune struct and enum names
2014-07-16 Michele Paolinosupport for QEMU vhost-user
2014-07-15 Roman Bogorodskiyutil: virstatslinux: make more generic
2014-07-14 Eric Blakecapabilities: use bool instead of int
2014-07-11 Chen HanxiaoLXC: add support for --config in setmem command
2014-07-08 Chen HanxiaoLXC: fix an improper comments for lxcDomainDestroyFlags
2014-07-08 Peter Krempastorage: Move readonly and shared flags to disk source...
2014-07-07 Ján TomkoLXC: Allow setting max mem lower than current mem
2014-07-07 Chen HanxiaoLXC: remove duplicate controller check code
2014-07-04 Peter Krempaaudit: disk: Refactor disk auditing to avoid auditing...
2014-07-03 Ján TomkoAdd OOM error reporting to a few fucntions
2014-07-03 Ján TomkoSet errno on OOM in lxcProcReadMeminfo
2014-07-03 Ján TomkoUse virBufferCheckError everywhere we report OOM error
2014-07-03 Ján TomkoReport errors in virCapabilitiesFormatXML
2014-07-02 Yue wenyuanLXC: update comments of lxcDomainCreateXMLWithFiles...
2014-06-25 Chen HanxiaoLXC: check whether we get MemSwap[Total|Usage]
2014-06-24 Chen HanxiaoLXC: trivially support flag VIR_DRV_FEATURE_TYPED_PARAM...
2014-06-20 Peter Krempasecurity: Rename virSecurityManagerSetImageLabel to...
2014-06-19 Michal Privozniknodeinfo: Implement nodeGetFreePages
2014-06-19 Michal Privozniknodeinfo: Rename nodeGetFreeMemory to nodeGetMemory
2014-06-06 Eric Blakeconf: store disk source as pointer, for easier manipulation
2014-06-06 Ján TomkoAlways report an error if virBitmapFormat fails
2014-05-16 Eric Blakemaint: shorten 'TypeType' function names
2014-05-13 Eric Blakemaint: fix typos related to 'frozen'
2014-04-30 Daniel P. BerrangeSet mknod permission in device ACL for LXC USB devices
2014-04-27 Laine Stumpnetwork: centralize check for active network during...
2014-04-25 Nehal J WaniUse virFileFindResource to locate libvirt_lxc for capab...
2014-04-21 Nehal J WaniFix typos in src/*
2014-04-09 Ján TomkoExtend virCgroupGetPercpuStats to fill in vcputime too
2014-04-08 Richard WeinbergerLXC: Fix return code evaulation in lxcCheckNetNsSupport()
2014-04-08 Daniel P. BerrangeUse a static initializer for static mutexes
2014-04-08 Daniel P. BerrangeReplace Usb with USB throughout
2014-04-07 Cédric Bosdonnatlxc conf2xml: don't let current vcpus at 0: define...
2014-04-03 Ján TomkoMove error reporting into virDomainNetFindIdx
2014-04-01 Eric Blakeconf: move host disk type to util/
2014-03-26 Ján TomkoShow the real cpu shares value in live XML
2014-03-26 Ján TomkoTreat zero cpu shares as a valid value
2014-03-25 John FerlanCoverity: Resolve a RESOURCE_LEAK
2014-03-25 Ján TomkoIndent top-level labels by one space in src/lxc/
2014-03-24 Eric Blakeconf: prepare to track multiple host source files per...
2014-03-24 Eric Blakeconf: use disk source accessors in lxc/
2014-03-20 Jiri DenemarkPass action to virDomainDefCompatibleDevice
2014-03-20 Jiri DenemarkFix usage of virDomainDefCompatibleDevice
2014-03-20 Martin KletzanderUse K&R style for curly braces in src/lxc/lxc_driver.c
2014-03-18 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd virLogSource variables to all source files
2014-03-17 Michal Privoznikdaemon: Introduce max_anonymous_clients
2014-03-17 Pavel HrdinaFix issue found by coverity and cleanup
2014-03-14 Laine Stumpconf: eliminate hardcoded indent from domain xml
2014-03-12 Chunyan Liuchange lxc_hostdev.c to use virhostdev common library...