C# API bindings


The C# libvirt bindings are a class library. They use a Microsoft Visual Studio project architecture, and have been tested with Windows .NET, and Mono, on both Linux and Windows.

Compiling them produces LibvirtBindings.dll, which can be added as a .NET reference to any .NET project needing access to libvirt.


These bindings depend upon the libvirt libraries being installed.

In the .NET case, this is libvirt-0.dll, produced from compiling libvirt for windows.

GIT source repository

The C# bindings source code is maintained in a git repository available on gitlab.com:

git clone https://gitlab.com/libvirt/libvirt-csharp.git


The C# bindings are the work of Arnaud Champion <arnaud.champion AT devatom.fr>, based upon the previous work of Jaromír Červenka.