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4.4.5. Autostart

A guest domain can be configured to autostart on a particular hypervisor, either by the hypervisor itself or libvirt. In combination with managed save, this allows the operating system on a guest domain to withstand host reboots without ever considering itself to have rebooted. When libvirt restarts, the guest domain will be automatically restored. This is handled by an API separate to regular save and restore, because paths must be known to libvirt without user input.

Example 4.34. Set Autostart for a Domain

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
import libvirt

domName = 'Fedora22-x86_64-1'

conn = None
    conn ="qemu:///system")
except libvirt.libvirtError as e:
    print(repr(e), file=sys.stderr)

dom = conn.lookupByID(6)
if dom == None:
    print('Failed to find the domain '+domName, file=sys.stderr)

dom.setAutostart(1)  # turn on autostart