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1.2. Glossary of terms

To avoid ambiguity regarding terms and concepts used in this guide, refer to the following table for their definitions.

Table 1.1. Terminology

An instance of an operating system (or subsystem in the case of container virtualization) running on a virtualized machine provided by the hypervisor.
A layer of software allowing virtualization of a node in a set of virtual machines, which may have different configurations to the node itself.
A single physical server. Nodes may be any one of many different types, and are commonly referred to by their primary purpose. Examples are storage nodes, cluster nodes, and database nodes.
Storage Pool
A collection of storage media, such as physical hard drives. A Storage Pool is sub-divided into smaller containers called Volumes, which may then be allocated to one or more Domains.
A storage space, allocated from a Storage Pool. A Volume may be assigned to one or more Domains for use, and are commonly used inside Domains as virtual hard drives.