descriptionCIM provider for libvirt.
last changeThu, 16 Nov 2017 17:46:40 +0000
2017-11-16 Andrea Bolognaniautogen: Support running out-of-tree master
2017-11-16 Andrea Bolognaniautogen: Run configure automatically
2017-11-16 Andrea Bolognaniautogen: Better error handling
2017-09-22 Andrea BolognaniREADME: Point to git repository
2017-09-22 Andrea Bolognanimaint: Rename to
2015-04-28 Michal Privozniklist_util.h: Drop inline modifiers
2014-06-16 Xu WangComplete the support for dumpCore
2014-06-11 Xu WangAdd disk device='lun' support
2014-05-07 Pavel Hrdinaxmlgen: fix build issue
2014-04-04 John FerlanAdd code and associations for ControllerPool
2014-04-04 John FerlanAdd MOFS and change install for ControllerPools
2014-04-04 Xu WangController: Add associations for KVM_Controller
2014-03-27 Xu WangVSMS: Support for domains with controller devices
2014-03-27 Xu WangSet fields in mofs for Controller Device/RASD
2014-03-27 Xu WangAdd virtual controller object definitions to mofs
2014-03-26 Xu WangParse/Store controller XML tags
4 years ago v0.6.3 Release of libvirt-cim 0.6.3
6 years ago release_0_6_1
6 years ago release_0_6
6 years ago release_0_5_15
6 years ago release_0_5_14
6 years ago release_0_5_13
7 years ago release_0_5_12
7 years ago release_0_5_11
7 years ago release_0_5_9
8 years ago release_0_5_8
8 years ago release_0_5_7
8 years ago release_0_5_6
8 years ago release_0_5_5
9 years ago release_0_5_4
9 years ago release_0_5_3
9 years ago release_0_5_2
4 months ago master