2018-04-24 Daniel P. Berrangégit: add config file telling git-publish how to send... master
2018-02-20 Daniel P. Berrangém4: disable gcc8 -Wcast-function-type warnings from...
2018-01-17 Daniel P. Berrangeremove bogus casts of arg to g_object_ref
2017-12-04 Daniel P. BerrangeRefresh po files from zanata
2017-10-30 Marek Kasikspec: Enable unit tests during build
2017-09-21 Andrea Bolognaniscripts: Fix sha-bang lines
2017-09-21 Andrea Bolognanitests: Don't rely on non-portable paths
2017-09-21 Andrea Bolognaniconfigure: Look for Perl interpreter path
2017-09-21 Andrea Bolognaniconfigure: Bump required libvirt version to 1.2.5
2017-09-21 Andrea Bolognanimaint: Drop
2017-08-14 Daniel P. BerrangeSet LC_CTYPE when running glib-mkenums
2017-08-14 Daniel P. BerrangeRevert "Don't set LC_ALL=C during build as that breaks...
2017-07-25 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't set LC_ALL=C during build as that breaks python...
2017-05-30 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd missing dep on intltool
2017-03-25 Guido Güntherexamples: make detail strings match event details
2016-11-04 Daniel P. BerrangePost release version bump to 1.1.0
2016-11-04 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate NEWS for 1.0.0 release v1.0.0
2016-11-04 Daniel P. Berrangebump release to 1.0.0 to match libvirt numbering scheme
2016-11-04 Christophe... tests: Don't leak xml data in test-gconfig-device-unknown
2016-11-04 Zeeshan Aligconfig,tests: Add test case for unknown devices
2016-11-03 Zeeshan Aligconfig,tests: Separate XML loading function
2016-11-03 Zeeshan Aligconfig: Create objects for all domain device nodes
2016-11-01 Zeeshan Aligconfig: DomainDevice now instantiable
2016-11-01 Zeeshan Aligconfig: Allow schema to be NULL
2016-08-02 Daniel P. BerrangeDelete the manually written python binding
2016-07-28 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove accidental debug code which changed version
2016-07-28 Daniel P. BerrangeFix check for libvirt optional functions
2016-07-28 Daniel P. BerrangeAvoid unused variable in DHCP lease finalize method
2016-07-27 Guido Güntherdocs: Document gvir_connection_get_{storage_pools,netwo...
2016-07-25 Zeeshan Ali... tests: Add test for GVirConfigDomainHostdevPci API
2016-07-25 Christophe... gconfig: Add GVirConfigDomainAddressPci getters
2016-07-25 Zeeshan Ali... gconfig: Add GVirConfigDomainHostdevPci
2016-07-22 Zeeshan Ali... gconfig: Add GVirConfigDomainHostdev
2016-07-21 Christophe... gconfig: Add gvir_config_object_has_child
2016-07-21 Zeeshan Ali... gconfig: Add gvir_config_domain_video_get_model()
2016-02-26 Marc-André... config: add accel3d setter
2016-02-26 Marc-André... config: add virtio video model
2016-02-26 Marc-André... config: add spice gl child
2016-02-26 Marc-André... tests: fix potential crash
2016-02-14 Marc-André... build-sys: fix gir introspection warnings
2015-12-26 Michal Correctly mark variable
2015-12-16 Daniel P. BerrangePost release version bump
2015-12-16 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate NEWS for 0.2.3 release v0.2.3
2015-12-16 Daniel P. BerrangeRefresh translations from zanata
2015-12-07 Michal PrivoznikDrop unused finalize function
2015-12-05 Michal Privoznikgobject: Drop some unused variables
2015-12-04 Zeeshan Ali... gobject,gconfig: Drop redundant debug logging
2015-11-26 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Port to GTask API
2015-11-23 Zeeshan Ali... gobject,gconfig: Drop redundant glib compatibility...
2015-11-23 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Add wrapper virDomainSetTime()
2015-09-23 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Correct docs for gvir_storage_pool_get_info()
2015-07-24 Daniel P. update min required versions
2015-07-24 Daniel P. BerrangeREADME: formally document intended platform support...
2015-07-22 Christophe... examples: Don't leak mainloop in conn-test.c
2015-07-22 Christophe... gconfig: Use GVirConfigObject helpers for <video> XML
2015-07-22 Christophe... test-gconfig: Test video heads/vram setting
2015-07-22 Christophe... test-gconfig: Fix various leaks
2015-07-22 Christophe... gconfig: Fix leak in gvir_config_domain_filesys_set_ram...
2015-07-21 Daniel P. BerrangePost release version bump to 0.2.3
2015-07-21 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate NEWS for 0.2.2 release v0.2.2
2015-07-21 Daniel P. BerrangeMake use of DHCP API conditionally compiled
2015-07-17 T A MahadevanAdd ram and vgamem attributes for graphics model.
2015-07-17 T A Mahadevanbuildsys: Add missing libraries to LDFLAGS
2015-07-17 T A MahadevanAdd LibvirtGConfigDomainChardevSourceUnix
2015-07-13 Zeeshan Ali... Require libvirt-glib >= 1.2.6
2015-07-08 Cédric BosdonnatDsitribute the whole tests/xml folder
2015-07-08 Cédric BosdonnatDon't overwrite filesystem type when writing format
2015-07-07 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Add wrapper for virNetworkGetDHCPLeases
2015-07-07 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Add wrapper for virNetworkDHCPLease
2015-07-07 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Add API to query connection networks
2015-07-07 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Add API to query connection interfaces
2015-07-07 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Port GVirConnection to GTask
2015-07-07 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Plug 2 virConnect leaks
2015-07-07 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Simplify gvir_connection_list*() implementations
2015-07-03 Zeeshan Ali... Bump version
2015-06-27 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Add gvir_interface_get_mac()
2015-06-17 Christophe... gconfig: Fix small leak in test-domain-create
2015-06-16 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate NEWS for 0.2.1 release v0.2.1
2015-06-16 Daniel P. BerrangeRefresh translations from zanata
2015-06-16 Cédric Bosdonnatdomain config: add API to set the filesystem image...
2015-06-16 Cédric BosdonnatAdd loop, nbd and ploop filesystem types
2015-06-16 Cédric Bosdonnatgvir_config_domain_filesys_set_driver_type: replace...
2015-06-16 Cédric Bosdonnattest-gconfig: add filesystem test
2015-06-01 Zeeshan Ali... storage-pool: API to get/set autostart flag
2015-06-01 Christophe... gconfig: Don't try to return value from gvir_config_dom...
2015-06-01 Christophe... gconfig: Add precondition checks to some public entry...
2015-05-18 Zeeshan Ali... Bump version to 0.2.1
2015-04-13 Richa Sehgalgconfig: Add support for 'compat' storage volume node
2015-03-24 Christophe... build-sys: Fix libtoolize detection in
2015-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeSwitch over to using zanata for translation
2014-12-15 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate NEWS for 0.2.0 release v0.2.0
2014-12-15 Daniel P. BerrangeFix build on win32 due to missing sys/socket.h
2014-11-27 Zeeshan Ali... Add gvir_domain_open_graphics_fd()
2014-11-13 Martin KletzanderRevert back deleted glib-specific warning options
2014-11-13 Martin KletzanderProperly mark unused parameters
2014-11-13 Michal Privoznikm4: sync macros with libvirt
2014-09-29 Zeeshan Ali... gconfig: Add GVIR_CONFIG_DOMAIN_INPUT_DEVICE_KEYBOARD
2014-08-20 Daniel P. BerrangePost-release version bump to 0.2.0
2014-08-20 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate NEWS for 0.1.9 release v0.1.9
2014-08-20 Daniel P. BerrangeRefresh translations from transifex