2014-02-21 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate NEWS for 0.1.8 release v0.1.8
2014-02-21 Daniel P. BerrangeDisable test suite unless glib >= 2.38
2014-02-20 Pavel Hrdinagobject-stream: fix issue found by coverity
2014-02-14 Daniel P. BerrangeAvoid false positive in diagnostic check against tap...
2014-02-14 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd <config.h> to test cases
2014-02-14 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove doubled 'on on' word in
2014-02-14 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't mandate test files to call bindtextdomain
2014-02-14 Daniel P. BerrangeFix symfile checks in VPATH build
2014-02-04 Christophe... build-sys: Update .gitignore
2014-02-04 Christophe... glib: Add unit test for libvirt/glib mainloop integration
2014-02-04 Christophe... gconfig: Start adding more formal unit tests
2014-02-04 Christophe... glib: Don't leak GIOChannel when destroying IO handle
2014-02-04 Christophe... glib: Allow to remove disabled timers and handles
2014-02-04 Christophe... glib: Don't create glib IO watch for disabled handles
2014-02-04 Christophe... gconfig: Fix removal of GVirConfigDomainCpu from domains
2014-02-04 Christophe... gconfig: Fix removal of GVirConfigCapabilitiesCpu topology
2014-02-04 Christophe... gconfig: Implement getters for GVirConfigDomainInput
2014-02-04 Christophe... gconfig: Add various clock-related getters
2014-02-04 Christophe... gconfig: Adjust transfer annotation for gvir_config_dom...
2014-02-04 Christophe... gconfig: Fix gvir_config_domain_os_get_boot_devices...
2014-02-04 Christophe... gconfig: Fix GVirConfigDomainTimerPit parent class...
2014-01-28 Daniel P. BerrangeFix event loop implementation on win32
2014-01-21 Christophe... Add GVirConfigDomainTimerHpet
2014-01-21 Christophe... Add gvir_config_domain_timer_[gs]et_present()
2014-01-21 Christophe... Add getters for some GVirConfigDomainGraphics* attributes
2014-01-21 Christophe... Implement gvir_config_object_get_attribute_boolean()
2014-01-21 Christophe... Add scripts for validating the libvirt-glib symbol...
2014-01-21 Christophe... Fix typo in symbol name in libvirt-gobject.sym
2014-01-21 Christophe... Remove gvir_config_domain_cpu_get_features() from sym...
2014-01-21 Christophe... Alphabetically sort libvirt-glib sym files
2014-01-21 Christophe... Add basic test for gvir_config_domain_disk_driver_set_c...
2014-01-21 Christophe... Deprecate gvir_config_domain_disk_[gs]et_driver_*
2014-01-21 Christophe... Implement gvir_config_domain_disk_[gs]et_driver()
2014-01-21 Christophe... Add GVirConfigDomainDiskDriver
2014-01-21 Christophe... config: Fix typo preventing clock removal from a domain
2014-01-21 Daniel P. BerrangeSwitch over to using standard gobject introspection...
2013-10-31 Ian MainQuick fix for
2013-10-31 Ian MainAdd filterref and filterref parameter support.
2013-09-27 Christophe... Use latest warnings.m4 from gnulib
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd intltool as a build req in mingw RPM
2013-08-28 Christophe... Add missing symbols to .sym files
2013-08-19 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove unused 'gint i' variable from list helpers
2013-08-15 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove dead cleanup code in object fetch_list helpers
2013-07-09 Daniel P. BerrangeRefresh translations from transifex
2013-07-09 Daniel P. BerrangePost-release version bump to 0.1.8
2013-07-09 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for reading/writing UUID attribute in domai...
2013-07-08 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate NEWS for 0.1.7 release v0.1.7
2013-07-04 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd missing file from previous commit
2013-07-04 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd API to access device alias names
2013-07-04 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd APIs to access chardev source information
2013-07-04 Daniel P. BerrangeFix name of gvir_config_domain_chardev_source_pty_set_path
2013-06-07 Christophe... gconfig: Add GVirConfigDomainSnapshot getters/setters
2013-06-07 Christophe... gconfig: Add GVirConfigDomainSnapshotDisk getters/setters
2013-06-07 Christophe... gconfig: Add GVirConfigDomainSnapshotDisk skeleton
2013-06-07 Christophe... gconfig: Add gvir_config_domain_disk_[gs]et_driver_format
2013-06-07 Christophe... gconfig: Add GVirConfigDomainDiskFormat enum
2013-06-07 Christophe... gconfig: Allow not found child in gvir_config_object_ge...
2013-05-12 Christophe... build-sys: s/INCLUDES/AM_CPPFLAGS
2013-05-12 Christophe... glib: Add G_GNUC_PRINTF where appropriate
2013-05-12 Christophe... Adjust examples for gvir_config_object_get_conf rename
2013-05-02 Christophe... object: Add "transfer none" annotation to argv parameter
2013-05-01 Christophe... Rename misnamed 'conn' variable everywhere
2013-05-01 Christophe... gconfig: Fix gvir_config_domain_graphics_new_from_tree
2013-04-19 Daniel P. BerrangeAdopt saner libtool versioning scheme from libvirt
2013-04-16 Christophe... Fix year in NEWS
2013-04-10 Daniel P. BerrangeAuto-generate AUTHORS file from GIT logs during make...
2013-04-10 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd framework for i18n of error message strings
2013-04-08 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd printf/sentinel attribute annotations to helper...
2013-04-03 Christophe... gconfig: Add GvirConfigStoragePermission getters
2013-04-03 Christophe... gconfig: Add GvirConfigStoragePoolTarget getters
2013-04-03 Christophe... gconfig: Add GVirConfigStoragePoolSource getters
2013-04-03 Christophe... gconfig: Add GVirConfigStoragePool getters
2013-04-03 Christophe... gconfig: Add calls to [gs]et_virt_type to domain tests
2013-04-03 Christophe... config: Add GVirConfigDomainChannel getters
2013-04-03 Christophe... config: Add GVirConfigDomainGraphicsDesktop class
2013-04-03 Christophe... config: Add GVirConfigDomainGraphicsRdp class
2013-04-03 Christophe... config: Add gvir_config_domain_graphics_sdl_set_fullscr...
2013-04-03 Christophe... config: Fix 2 leaks in domain memory setters
2013-04-03 Stefano Facchinibuild: Replace obsolete macro in
2013-04-02 Daniel P. BerrangeDisable static libraries by default
2013-03-19 Daniel P. BerrangePost release version bump
2013-03-18 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate NEWS for 0.1.6 release v0.1.6
2013-03-18 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd Claudio Bley to AUTHORS
2013-03-14 Zeeshan Ali... gconfig: API for SPICE image compression
2013-03-14 Zeeshan Ali... Add gvir_config_object_replace_child_with_attribute_enum()
2013-03-12 Christophe... Remove FSF address from source file headers
2013-02-07 Claudio Bleygvir_stream_receive: annotate buffer parameter with...
2013-02-07 Claudio BleyAdd "transfer none" annotation to argv parameter
2013-02-07 Claudio BleyFix typo in gvir_config_init's comment
2013-01-24 Christophe... Fix potential crashes in error cases
2013-01-24 Christophe... Use g_strlcpy instead of strncpy
2013-01-22 Michal PrivoznikDon't redefine _FORTIFY_SOURCE macro
2013-01-14 Daniel P. BerrangePost-release version bump
2013-01-14 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd libvirt-gobject-storage-pool-private.h to noinst_HE... v0.1.5
2013-01-14 Daniel P. BerrangeReplace tabs with spaces
2013-01-14 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate NEWS for 0.1.5 release
2013-01-11 Zeeshan Ali... gconfig: Entertain bridge interface devices
2013-01-09 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: API to open read-only connection to libvirt
2012-12-19 Alexander LarssonAdd smartcard support to libvirt-gconfig
2012-11-21 Zeeshan Ali... gobject: Also delete storage volume from its pool's...