2011-11-07 Guido GüntherSkip Test when no security model is in use
2011-10-14 Guido GüntherStorageVolBuilder->as_xml: fix backing store element
2011-10-13 Guido GüntherAllow to pass --timer to prove
2011-10-11 Guido GüntherAdd --format=junit test result output
2011-10-07 Guido GüntherUse SKIP instead of SELINUX as label
2011-08-26 Daniel P. BerrangeImplement ok_node_device, ok_interface & ok_domain_snapshot
2011-08-26 Daniel P. BerrangeEnsure snapshots are explicitly deleted when deleting VMs
2011-06-30 Daniel P. BerrangeDelete alarm signal handlers since they did not in...
2011-06-30 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd tests for three security flaws wrt qcow2 backing...
2011-06-30 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd tests for storage volume upload / download testing
2011-06-29 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd massive test case for validating operation of migration
2011-06-29 Daniel P. BerrangeEnable management of multiple URIs for migration
2011-06-27 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd test cases for SELinux svirt driver
2011-06-27 Daniel P. BerrangeSkip MYMETA.yml in MANIFEST
2011-06-02 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate to Fedora 15 kernel images
2011-05-23 Stefan Bergernwfilter: Add a test case for filtering of gratuitous...
2011-04-08 Stefan Bergernwfilter: test support for TCP flags evaluation
2011-03-30 Stefan Bergernwfilter: add tests for reject, drop and accept targets
2011-02-18 Jim Fehlig[libvirt-tck] Fix expected error code in network test
2011-02-18 Stefan Bergerfollow reordering of match extensions relative to state...
2011-02-17 Jim Fehlig[libvirt-tck] Fix expected error code
2010-11-20 Stefan Bergernwfilter: add a test case using concurrency
2010-11-16 Stefan BergerConvert scripts to also run with dash
2010-11-02 Stefan Bergernetwork: create networks and check for exected results
2010-10-25 Osier YangAdd test case for domain hook testing
2010-10-25 Osier YangAdd test case for daemon hook testing
2010-10-25 Osier YangAdd module for hooks testing
2010-10-25 Osier YangAdd Slurp requirement
2010-10-25 Osier YangCorrect typos in documents
2010-10-22 Stefan Bergernwfilter: Adapt to changes how filters are instantiated
2010-10-21 Stefan BergerInstall nwfilter test files and script
2010-10-21 Stefan Bergernwfilter: add test data for recently added extensions
2010-10-13 Gerhard StenzelAdd a test case for VEPA functionality
2010-10-13 Gerhard StenzelAdd more helper functions to allow VEPA testing
2010-10-07 Stefan Bergernwfilter: implement support for --force flag
2010-09-17 Daniel P. BerrangeEnsure MAC address from XML is UTF8 encoded
2010-09-10 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd ks.cfg to the RPM file list
2010-09-09 Daniel P. BerrangeMake nwfilter tests install off a CDROM kickstart file
2010-09-09 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove bogus debug line that broke the test plan
2010-09-09 Daniel P. BerrangeMove scripts from network to nwfilter
2010-09-09 Daniel P. BerrangeAppend to disk image, instead of truncating
2010-09-09 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove bogus imports of XML::LibXML
2010-09-09 Gerhard StenzelAdd tests for network anti-spoofing filters
2010-09-09 Gerhard StenzelAllow kernel/initrd/cmdline params in domain build
2010-09-09 Gerhard StenzelHelper functions for network test cases
2010-09-09 Stefan BergerIntroduce a test suite for nwfilter functionality
2010-09-09 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate UML default URLs to point to an image which...
2010-06-29 Daniel P. BerrangeFix missing dependancies in RPM
2010-06-29 Daniel P. BerrangeFix skip range when guest doesn't support SMP
2010-06-29 Daniel P. BerrangeFix storage pool unique ID caching test
2010-06-29 Daniel P. BerrangeFix domain builder test case
2010-06-22 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd test cases for unique ID interactions with caching
2010-06-18 Daniel P. BerrangeFix check for fully allocated storage vol to use >...
2010-06-17 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for setting up backing stores with storage...
2010-06-17 Daniel P. BerrangeFix addition of permissions in storage pool builder
2010-06-17 Daniel P. BerrangeChange XML builder API for disk format
2010-05-27 Daniel P. BerrangeReplace hardcoded error numbers
2010-05-27 Daniel P. BerrangeDuplicate basic domain test cases for network + storage...
2010-05-06 Eric Blakeblock devices: allow specification of size for safety
2010-04-22 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a minimal test case for CPU hotplug
2010-04-22 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a test case that validates save to a block device
2010-04-16 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd testing for CDROM media change / eject
2010-04-16 Daniel P. BerrangeFix storage pool builder test case expected XML
2010-04-15 Eric Blakedefault.cfg: fix typos
2010-04-15 Eric Blakemaint: add copyright notices
2010-04-15 Eric Blakemaint: remove duplicate file
2010-04-07 Eric Blakemaint: use correct Red Hat copyright
2010-03-04 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't loose error message when save fails
2010-03-04 Daniel P. BerrangeTest USB vendor/product support separately from bus...
2010-03-04 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd TCK script for verifying disk based storage pools
2010-03-03 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd TCK script for host PCI device hotplug/unplug
2010-03-03 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd TCK script for host USB device hotplug/unplug
2010-02-11 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a QEMU specific test for disk encryption
2010-02-11 Daniel P. BerrangeSupport disk encyption in domains / storage volumes
2010-02-10 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd test to exercise disk statistics
2010-02-10 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd some diagnostics when hotplug fails
2009-12-10 Matthias BolteInstall tests to /usr/share/... instead of /share/...
2009-12-10 Matthias BolteAdd missing module Test::Exception to the required...
2009-10-16 Daniel P. BerrangeChange some syntax to make it less scary to Perl novices
2009-10-16 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a script to test error handling of the restore...
2009-10-16 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a diagnostic message before restoring a guest
2009-10-13 Daniel P. BerrangeAdded thorough testing of domain autostart functionality
2009-10-13 Daniel P. BerrangeIncrease disk sizes used for cloning by 4k to workaroun...
2009-08-25 Daniel P. BerrangeSwitch to PAE kernels for i686 to make Xen work
2009-08-17 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd test case for disk hotplug (re-)ordering
2009-08-17 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't cleanup guests if initial sanity check fails
2009-08-17 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd debug flag to libvirt-tck command
2009-08-17 Daniel P. BerrangeOnly create/delete objects named tckXXXX
2009-08-17 Daniel P. BerrangeExit with usage if a invalid option is provided on...
2009-07-31 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't fail hard for features declared not supported...
2009-07-31 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for testing container based virt
2009-07-22 Daniel P. BerrangeSet version to 0.1.0 for first release v0.1.0
2009-07-22 Daniel P. BerrangeFix some rpmlint bugs
2009-07-22 Daniel P. BerrangePass '0' as flag to 'delete()' method
2009-07-22 Daniel P. BerrangeUpdate basic docs to reflect latest progress
2009-07-20 Daniel P. BerrangeTemporarily disable migration test till I figure out...
2009-07-16 Daniel P. BerrangeEnable acpi/apic for all guests
2009-07-12 Daniel P. BerrangeAdded Digest, Digest::MD5 and XML::XPath to pre-req...
2009-07-12 Daniel P. BerrangeMark VPC tests as 'todo' due to possible QEMU bug....
2009-07-12 Daniel P. BerrangeDelete volumes after test is finished with them