descriptionCore C library
last changeWed, 22 Nov 2017 12:06:56 +0000
64 min ago ZhiPeng Luvirsh: domifstat: enhance the command's help output master
2 hours ago Martin Kletzanderbuild: Fix make dist
25 hours ago Michal Privozniktools: Enable warnings for more binaries/libs
25 hours ago Michal Privozniktools: Set CFLAGS for wireshark properly
25 hours ago Michal Privoznikvsh: Make self-test more robust
2 days ago Nikolay Shirokovskiytests: fix typo
2 days ago Michal PrivoznikqemuBuildDeviceAddressStr: Prefer default alias for...
2 days ago Michal PrivoznikqemuBuildDriveDevStr: Prefer default alias for SATA bus
2 days ago Michal PrivoznikvirQEMUCapsHasPCIMultiBus: Fix @def type
2 days ago Andrea Bolognaniconf,qemu: Use type-aware switches where possible
2 days ago Pino Toscanoqemu: add QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_SCLPLMCONSOLE
2 days ago Pino Toscanoqemu: rename QEMU_CAPS_SCLP_S390 to QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_SC...
2 days ago Andrea Bolognaniqemu: Add QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_SPAPR_VTY
2 days ago intrigeriAppArmor: add mount rules needed with additional mediat...
2 days ago intrigeriAppArmor: add rules needed with additional mediation...
4 days ago John Ferlanlibvirtd: Fix order of cleanup processing
2 weeks ago v3.9.0 Release of libvirt-3.9.0
3 weeks ago v3.9.0-rc2 Candidate Release 2 of libvirt...
3 weeks ago v3.9.0-rc1 Candidate Release 1 of libvirt...
5 weeks ago CVE-2017-1000256 Fix CVE-2017-1000256
5 weeks ago CVE-2017-2635 Fix CVE-2017-2635
5 weeks ago CVE-2016-5008 Fix CVE-2016-5008
7 weeks ago v3.8.0 Release of libvirt-3.8.0
7 weeks ago v3.8.0-rc1 Candidate Release 1 for libvirt...
2 months ago v3.7.0 Release of libvirt 3.7.0
2 months ago v3.7.0-rc2 Release Candidate 2 for libvirt...
2 months ago v3.7.0-rc1 Release Candidate 1 for libvirt...
3 months ago v3.6.0 Release of libvirt-3.6.0
3 months ago v3.6.0-rc2 Release candidate 2 of libvirt...
3 months ago v3.6.0-rc1 Release candidate 1 for libvirt...
4 months ago v3.5.0 Release of libvirt-3.5.0
4 months ago v3.5.0-rc2 Candidate Release 2 for libvirt...
64 min ago master
5 weeks ago v3.0-maint
5 weeks ago v3.2-maint
5 weeks ago v3.7-maint
3 months ago v2.2-maint
6 months ago v1.3.3-maint
13 months ago v2.0-maint
13 months ago v1.3.5-maint
13 months ago v2.1-maint
13 months ago v1.2.21-maint
13 months ago v1.3.4-maint
13 months ago v1.3.2-maint
13 months ago v1.3.1-maint
13 months ago v1.3.0-maint
16 months ago v1.2.18-maint
16 months ago v1.0.0-maint