Fix autostart flag when loading running domains
[libvirt.git] / AUTHORS
2011-06-14 Michael ChapmanFix autostart flag when loading running domains
2011-06-14 Ohad Levydocs: updated list of applications using libvirt.
2011-06-03 Neil WilsonCorrect 'cputune' documentation example.
2011-06-02 Heath Petersenuml: correct command line networking parameters
2011-05-26 Taisuke Yamadaopenvz: Fix regression in config file parsing
2011-05-26 Federico Simoncelliqemu: allow blkstat/blkinfo calls during migration
2011-05-23 Doug GoldsteinUse per-user TLS certificates when possible
2011-05-18 Dirk HerrendoreferAdd support for 'passthru' mode for direct network...
2011-05-06 Michal PrivoznikAdd warning message to XML definition files stored...
2011-04-30 Supriya Kanneryvirsh: fix regression in log to file
2011-04-28 Yufang Zhangxen: check if device is assigned to guest before reatta...
2011-04-26 Mark WuMake crash and live flags mutually exclusive in virDoma...
2011-04-17 Richard LaagerFix two out-of-date comments in LVM backend
2011-04-15 Alexander Todorovlibvirt-guests: implement START_DELAY
2011-04-14 Christophe FergeauFix gcc 4.6 warnings
2011-04-04 Jesse CookAllow relative path for qemu backing file
2011-03-30 Naoya Horiguchiextend logging to record configuration-related changes
2011-03-22 Eric Blakemaint: update authors
2011-03-22 Daniel VeillardUpdate the set of maintainers for the project
2011-03-18 Tiziano Muellerupdate virGetVersion description
2011-03-15 Minoru UsuiFix performance problem of virStorageVolCreateXMLFrom()
2011-03-10 Taku Izumisetmem: introduce a new libvirt API (virDomainSetMemory...
2011-03-04 Phil Pettyfixes for several memory leaks
2011-03-04 KAMEZAWA HiroyukiAUTHORS: adjust to preferred spelling
2011-02-21 Markus GroßMoved SEXPR unit to utils
2011-02-14 Christophe Fergeaufix OOM handling in hash routines
2011-02-09 Daniel VeillardAdding Michal Novotny for previous patch
2011-02-08 Gui Jianfengcgroup: Enable cgroup hierarchy for blkio cgroup
2011-02-08 Eric Blakemaint: update AUTHORS
2011-02-03 Alon Levydocs/ update QEMU url
2011-02-03 Davidlohr BuesoFix conflicts with glibc globals
2011-02-02 Niels de VosqemuBuildDeviceAddressStr() checks for QEMUD_CMD_FLAG_P...
2011-01-31 Daniel VeillardOsier get commit rights
2011-01-28 Matthias Dahlqemu aio: add XML parsing
2011-01-28 Juerg Haefligerdocs: replace CRLF with LF
2011-01-25 Michal Privoznikvirsh: require --mac to avoid detach-interface ambiguity
2011-01-14 Marc-André Lureauqemu: add set_password and expire_password monitor...
2011-01-06 Kay Schubertbridge: Fix generation of dnsmasq's --dhcp-hostsfile...
2010-12-20 Paweł Krześniakbridge_driver: avoid double call to VIR_FREE
2010-12-13 Roopa Prabhu802.1Qbh: Add support for IFLA_VF_MAC
2010-12-09 Josh Durginqemu: Add RBD support and some network disk fixes
2010-12-09 MORITA Kazutakaadd network disk support
2010-12-06 Laurent Léonardsyntax error "Bad fd number" when stopping libvirt...
2010-11-30 Hu TaoFall back to QEMUD_SAVE_FORMAT_RAW if compression metho...
2010-11-29 Wen Congyangcorrect the arguments of migrate_speed
2010-10-28 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukiaudit: printf warning fix
2010-10-26 Osier Yangvirsh: Add option 'model' for attach-interface
2010-10-20 Daniel VeillardAdd John Morrissey to AUTHORS
2010-10-14 Eric Blakemaint: add recent author
2010-10-13 Lai Jiangshanvirsh: better support double quote
2010-10-12 Nikunj A. DadhaniaAdding virDomainSetMemoryParameters and virDomainGetMem...
2010-09-08 Justin CliftMoved my name up to the primary list, as I have commit...
2010-08-24 Serge Hallyndocs: fix lxc examples
2010-08-19 Patrick Dignanstorage: add support for Vendor and Model in XML
2010-08-10 Eric Blakemaint: update an email address preference
2010-08-02 Daniel VeillardAdd Aurelien to AUTHORS
2010-07-09 Justin Cliftauthors: update my authors details
2010-06-23 Alan Pevecbridge_driver.c: fix file description
2010-06-01 Justin CliftTrivial virsh.pod additions --all for "list" command...
2010-05-27 Eric Blakemaint: update AUTHORS with recent contributors
2010-05-24 Eric Blakemaint: update AUTHORS with recent contributors
2010-04-23 Marco Bozzolanmaint: update AUTHORS
2010-04-22 Eric Blakemaint: update AUTHORS with recent contributors
2010-03-31 Eric Blakemaint: update AUTHORS
2010-03-30 Daniel VeillardUpdating the commiters list
2010-03-17 Philip Hahnpython: Fix networkLookupByUUID
2010-03-12 Daniel VeillardUpdate commiters list
2010-03-09 Eric BlakeAUTHORS: add recent contributors
2010-01-19 Daniel VeillardAdd Jiri Denemark <> to commiters
2009-12-22 Daniel VeillardAdd some people missing from the AUTHORS list
2009-09-24 Mark McLoughlinFix cdub's surname spelling
2009-09-24 Daniel VeillardAdded Matthias Bolte as commiter
2009-09-01 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd Miloslav Trmač to AUTHORS file
2009-07-23 Daniel VeillardAdded Matthias Bolte to AUTHORS list
2009-07-16 Paolo Bonziniadd cd and pwd commands to virsh
2009-07-02 Daniel VeillardFix some missing parts in network code and schemas
2009-06-26 Daniel Veillardallow to create storage volumes on disk backend
2009-06-25 Daniel Veillardfix UML driver logging macros
2009-06-25 Daniel VeillardFix a couple of state problems
2009-06-11 Daniel Veillardfind and use kvm-img, qemu-img or qcow-create dynamically
2009-05-25 Daniel VeillardInclude the OpenNebula driver
2009-05-20 Daniel VeillardAdd the Interface config APIs
2009-05-08 Daniel P. BerrangeFix /dev/ population to use char devices (Ryota Ozaki)
2009-04-24 Daniel VeillardUpdate of localizations and XML descriptions
2009-04-21 Daniel Veillard* src/network_conf.c src/network_conf.h: add dynamic...
2009-04-15 Daniel VeillardAdding Serge E. Hallyn to the authors list, Daniel
2009-04-03 Daniel Veillardrelease of 0.6.2 LIBVIRT_0_6_2 v0.6.2
2009-03-24 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for a non-template filesystem root. (Floria...
2009-03-20 Daniel Veillarduse posix_fallocate() to allocate diskspace faster
2009-03-16 Daniel P. BerrangeAdded ac97 soundcard to RNG schema & tests (Pritesh...
2009-03-04 Daniel Veillard* NEWS doc/* include/libvi... LIBVIRT_0_6_1 v0.6.1
2009-03-03 Daniel P. BerrangePublic API for sVirt support (James Morris & Dan Walsh)
2009-03-02 Jim Meyeringplug two config-parsing leaks
2009-01-19 Daniel VeillardChange Ben Guthro email
2009-01-19 Daniel VeillardTwo bug fixes coming from RHEL and Markus being added...
2009-01-06 Guido Günthertrivial cleanups
2009-01-06 Daniel Veillard* AUTHORS: John Levon is now a commiter
2008-12-12 Daniel Veillardadd --version support to libvirtd
2008-12-11 Daniel VeillardAdding support for SDL fullscreen option
2008-12-02 Daniel P. BerrangeFix driver ordering to make domain autostart work ...