Fix autostart flag when loading running domains
[libvirt.git] / src / conf / domain_conf.c
2011-06-14 Michael ChapmanFix autostart flag when loading running domains
2011-06-13 Wen Congyangsupport multifunction PCI device
2011-06-03 Eric Blakemigrate: detect xml incompatibility
2011-06-02 Daniel P. BerrangeAllow leases to be hotpluged with QEMU guests
2011-06-02 Daniel P. BerrangeSupport leases in guest XML and lock manager
2011-06-01 Jiri DenemarkFix order of disks and controllers
2011-05-31 Michal Privoznikconf: Fix incorrect spice graphic XML format on compres...
2011-05-31 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd an API for comparing the ABI of two guest configura...
2011-05-31 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove unused 'target' field in virDomainHostdevDef
2011-05-27 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukiqemu : support persistent add/delete network interface
2011-05-25 Matthias Boltetime_t is not a long on FreeBSD, switch internal type...
2011-05-24 Alon Levyspice: support streaming-video parameter
2011-05-19 Daniel P. BerrangeBlank out the 'listenAddr' parameter if empty string
2011-05-18 Dirk HerrendoreferAdd support for 'passthru' mode for direct network...
2011-05-16 Jiri DenemarkImplement domain state reason
2011-05-13 Cole Robinsonxml: Use virXMLParse* helpers everywhere
2011-05-13 Cole Robinsondomain: Require <init> for container guests
2011-05-13 Cole Robinsonxml: Make sure virXpathNodeSet always sets an error
2011-05-06 Eric Blakemaint: avoid comparisons to bool constants
2011-05-06 Michal PrivoznikAdd warning message to XML definition files stored...
2011-05-06 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd field to virDomainObjPtr to track "tainting"
2011-05-05 Eric Blakemaint: rename virBufferVSprintf to virBufferAsprintf
2011-04-28 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukilibvirt/qemu - support persistent attach/detach disks
2011-04-28 KAMEZAWA Hiroyukilibvirt/qemu - support persistent modification of devices
2011-04-25 Matthias BolteFix small memory leaks in config parsing related functions
2011-04-19 Stefan Bergernwfilter: no support for direct type of interface
2011-04-17 Matthias BolteRemove virConnectPtr from virRaiseErrorFull
2011-04-14 Michal NovotnyIntroduce virDomainChrDefNew()
2011-04-14 Michal PrivoznikSpice: support audio, images and stream compression
2011-04-14 Hu Taofree cpumask of vcpupinDef
2011-04-04 Eric Blakebuild: detect potentential uninitialized variables
2011-03-29 Osier Yangcputune: Implementations of parsing and formating cputu...
2011-03-24 Eric Blakebuild: enforce reference count checking
2011-03-23 Eric Blakedomain_conf: drop unused ref-count in snapshot object
2011-03-17 Hu TaoMake virDomainObjParseNode() static
2011-03-06 Osier Yangqemu: Support vram for video of qxl type
2011-02-25 Michal NovotnyFix port value parsing for serial and parallel ports
2011-02-25 Daniel P. BerrangeAllow hash tables to use generic pointers as keys
2011-02-25 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove deallocator parameter from hash functions
2011-02-21 Eric Blakehash: make virHashFree more free-like
2011-02-18 Christophe Fergeaudon't check for NULL before calling virHashFree
2011-02-17 Christophe Fergeauremove no longer needed calls to virReportOOMError
2011-02-17 Laine StumpAdd txmode attribute to interface XML for virtio backend
2011-02-17 Laine StumpRestructure domain struct interface "driver" data for...
2011-02-14 Jiri Denemarkconf: Fix XML generation for smartcards
2011-02-10 Michal PrivoznikFix typo in parsing of spice 'auth' data
2011-02-09 Eric Blakesysinfo: refactor xml formatting
2011-02-08 Gui Jianfengqemu: Implement blkio tunable XML configuration and...
2011-02-04 Eric Blakesmartcard: add spicevmc support
2011-02-04 Daniel P. Berrangespicevmc: support new qemu chardev
2011-02-04 Eric Blakesmartcard: add domain conf support
2011-02-03 Jiri DenemarkSupport booting from hostdev devices
2011-01-28 Matthias Dahlqemu aio: add XML parsing
2011-01-27 David AllanDo not use virtio-serial port 0 for generic ports
2011-01-24 Cole Robinsonqemu: sound: Support intel 'ich6' model
2011-01-21 Cole Robinsonqemu: Allow serving VNC over a unix domain socket
2011-01-21 Cole Robinsonqemu: Set domain def transient at beginning of startup...
2011-01-17 Jiri DenemarkIntroduce per-device boot element
2011-01-17 Jiri Denemarkconf: Move boot parsing into a separate function
2011-01-14 Laine StumpEnable tuning of qemu network tap device "sndbuf" size
2011-01-14 Laine StumpAdd XML config switch to enable/disable vhost-net support
2011-01-14 Eric Blakeqemu: move monitor device out of domain_conf common...
2011-01-14 Eric Blakedomain_conf: split source data out from ChrDef
2011-01-13 Jim FehligAdd HAP to virDomainFeature enum
2011-01-10 Osier Yangconf: Report error if invalid type specified for charac...
2010-12-21 Josh DurginSkip file-based security checks for network disks
2010-12-10 Eric Blakeconf: plug memory leaks
2010-12-09 Josh Durginqemu: Add RBD support and some network disk fixes
2010-12-09 MORITA Kazutakaadd network disk support
2010-12-09 Hu TaoAdd a watchdog action `dump'
2010-12-07 Eric Blakeuuid: require smbios uuid and domain uuid to match
2010-12-07 Eric Blakesmbios: support system family
2010-12-02 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove bogus includes
2010-11-23 Cole Robinsonqemu: setvcpus: Simplify altering the persistent config
2010-11-23 Cole Robinsonconf: domain: Improve vcpus validation reporting
2010-11-23 Cole Robinsondomain_conf: Add virDomainObjSetDefTransient
2010-11-19 Adam Litkestorage_file: Add a new flag to mark backing files...
2010-11-09 Adam LitkeAllow non-file disk backingStores
2010-11-09 Daniel P. BerrangeSupport SPICE channel security options
2010-11-09 Daniel P. BerrangeDefine XML syntax for password expiry
2010-11-09 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a <graphics> type for SPICE protocol
2010-11-09 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a QXL graphics card type to domain XML schema
2010-11-08 Matthias Boltexen-proxy: Remove it entirely and use libvirtd instead
2010-11-08 Daniel VeillardAdd a sysinfo util module and read host info API
2010-11-08 Daniel VeillardAdd smbios element to schema and configuration to HVM os
2010-11-08 Daniel VeillardSysinfo parsing and saving to/from configuration files
2010-11-03 Stefan Bergermacvtap: libvirtd forgot macvtap dev name when restarted
2010-10-22 Daniel P. BerrangeFix error reporting for virSocketParse
2010-10-22 Daniel P. BerrangeExpand virSocketFormat to be more flexible
2010-10-22 Daniel P. BerrangeFix passing of address family to virSocketParseAddr
2010-10-22 Daniel P. BerrangeInclude length with virSocketAddr data
2010-10-20 Matthias BolteFix formatting of the memtune XML element
2010-10-19 Eric Blakevcpu: support maxvcpu in domain_conf
2010-10-19 Stefan BergerIntroduce VIR_CLOSE to be used rather than close()
2010-10-14 Harsh Prateek Boranew attribute accessmode to filesystem element
2010-10-12 Nikunj A. DadhaniaXML parsing for memory tunables
2010-10-01 Matthias Bolteesx: Add support for virtual serial device network...
2010-10-01 Eric Blakevcpu: improve cpuset attribute
2010-08-24 Soren HansenRename qemudShrinkDisks to virDomainDiskRemove and...
2010-08-20 Jim FehligAdd actions to virDomainLifecycle enum