tests: qemucapabilities: Drop mostly duplicated data
[libvirt.git] / tests / xml2vmxdata / xml2vmx-esx-in-the-wild-3.vmx
2013-04-02 Peter Krempautil: Change virMacAddrFormat to lowercase hex characters
2010-10-15 Matthias Bolteesx: Explictly declare VMX file content as UTF-8
2010-08-14 Matthias Bolteesx: Explicitly disable unused floppy devices
2009-11-15 Matthias Bolteesx: Fix MAC address formatting
2009-09-23 Matthias BolteESX add esxDomainDefineXML()
2009-09-23 Matthias BolteESX add tests for the VMX to/from domain XML mapping