2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Eric BlakeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd helper for running code in separate namespaces
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd virFileMakeParentPath helper function
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeMove check for cgroup devices ACL upfront in LXC hotplug
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeDisks are always block devices, never character devices
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeFix reset of cgroup when detaching USB device from...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeRecord hotplugged USB device in LXC live guest config
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeFix path used for USB device attach with LXC
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't block use of USB with containers
2014-02-18 Eric Blakestorage: avoid short reads while chasing backing chain
2014-02-18 Eric Blakemaint: fix comment typos
2014-02-18 Chen HanxiaoLXC: free dst before lxcDomainAttachDeviceDiskLive...
2014-02-18 Hongwei BiLXC: Free variable vroot in lxcDomainDetachDeviceHostde...
2014-02-18 Yuri ChornoivanFix minor typos in messages and docs
2014-02-18 Gao fengLXC: hostdev: create parent directory for hostdev
2014-02-18 Gao fengLXC: hostdev: introduce lxcContainerSetupHostdevCapsMak...
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangePush nwfilter update locking up to top level
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a read/write lock implementation
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove use of virConnectPtr from all remaining nwfilter...
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't pass virConnectPtr in nwfilter 'struct domUpdateC...
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove virConnectPtr arg from virNWFilterDefParse*
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't ignore errors parsing nwfilter rules
2014-01-15 Eric Blakeevent: filter global events by domain:getattr ACL ...
2014-01-15 Eric BlakeFix memory leak in virObjectEventCallbackListRemoveID()
2014-01-15 Michal PrivoznikvirDomainEventCallbackListFree: Don't leak @list->callbacks
2014-01-15 Jiri DenemarkReally don't crash if a connection closes early
2014-01-15 Jiri DenemarkDon't crash if a connection closes early
2014-01-15 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix job usage in virDomainGetBlockIoTune
2014-01-15 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix job usage in qemuDomainBlockCopy
2014-01-15 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix job usage in qemuDomainBlockJobImpl
2014-01-15 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Avoid using stale data in virDomainGetBlockInfo
2014-01-15 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Do not access stale data in virDomainBlockStats
2013-12-20 Martin KletzanderFix crash in lxcDomainSetMemoryParameters
2013-12-20 Martin KletzanderCVE-2013-6436: fix crash in lxcDomainGetMemoryParameters
2013-11-13 Ján TomkoDisable nwfilter driver when running unprivileged
2013-10-21 Daniel P. BerrangeFix perms for virConnectDomainXML{To,From}Native (CVE...
2013-10-18 Zhou Yiminremote: fix regression in event deregistration
2013-10-18 Martin Kletzandervirsh: Fix debugging
2013-10-15 Daniel Hanselbuild: Add lxc testcase to dist list
2013-10-15 Ján TomkoLXC: Fix handling of RAM filesystem size units
2013-10-15 Martin KletzanderFix URI connect precedence
2013-10-15 Michal PrivoznikqemuMonitorJSONSendKey: Avoid double free
2013-10-15 Liuji (Jeremy)virDomainDefParseXML: set the argument of virBitmapFree...
2013-10-15 Jiri Denemarkvirsh domjobinfo: Do not return 1 if job is NONE
2013-10-07 Claudio BleyAdjust legacy max payload size to account for header...
2013-10-01 Daniel P. BerrangeFix max stream packet size for old clients
2013-09-27 Daniel P. BerrangeFix crash in libvirtd when events are registered &...
2013-09-25 Martin Kletzanderqemu: Fix seamless SPICE migration
2013-09-23 Daniel P. BerrangeFix typo in identity code which is pre-requisite for...
2013-09-18 Daniel P. BerrangeFix crash in remoteDispatchDomainMemoryStats (CVE-2013...
2013-09-18 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for using 3-arg pkcheck syntax for process...
2013-09-18 Daniel P. BerrangeEnsure system identity includes process start time
2013-09-18 Daniel P. BerrangeAlso store user & group ID values in virIdentity
2013-09-04 Michal PrivoznikvirFileNBDDeviceAssociate: Avoid use of uninitialized...
2013-08-29 Eric Blakesecurity: provide supplemental groups even when parsing...
2013-08-29 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd bounds checking on virDomainMigrate*Params RPC...
2013-08-20 Peter Krempavirbitmap: Refactor virBitmapParse to avoid access...
2013-08-01 Ján TomkoSet the number of elements 0 in virNetwork*Clear
2013-08-01 Ján TomkoDon't check validity of missing attributes in DNS SRV XML
2013-08-01 Ján Tomkocgroup: reuse buffer for getline
2013-08-01 Wido den Hollanderrbd: Do not free the secret if it is not set
2013-07-29 Guannan Rencaps: use -device for primary video when qemu >=1.6
2013-07-22 Michal PrivoznikvirSecurityManagerGenLabel: Skip seclabels without...
2013-07-22 Michal PrivozniklxcCapsInit: Allocate primary security driver unconditi...
2013-07-19 Eric Blakesecurity: fix deadlock with prefork
2013-07-19 Eric Blakesecurity_dac: compute supplemental groups before fork
2013-07-19 Eric Blakesecurity: framework for driver PreFork handler
2013-07-19 Eric Blakeutil: make virSetUIDGID async-signal-safe
2013-07-19 Eric Blakeutil: add virGetGroupList
2013-07-19 Eric Blakeutil: improve user lookup helper
2013-07-19 Ján TomkoFix build with clang
2013-07-19 Eric Blakemaint: update to latest gnulib
2013-07-19 Eric Blakemaint: update to latest gnulib
2013-07-19 Eric Blakebuild: honor --no-git
2013-07-19 Eric Blakemaint: update to latest gnulib
2013-07-19 Peter Krempaqemu: Fix double free of returned JSON array in qemuAge...
2013-07-19 Alex Jiaqemu: Prevent crash of libvirtd without guest agent...
2013-07-11 Ján Tomkostorage: return -1 when fs pool can't be mounted
2013-07-10 Ján TomkoFix crash when multiple event callbacks were registered
2013-07-10 Ján Tomkoqemu: fix double free in qemuMigrationPrepareDirect
2013-07-09 Ján TomkoUnlock the storage volume object after looking it up
2013-07-09 Viktor Mihajlovskiscsi: Fix construction of sysfs device path
2013-07-02 Eric Blakebuild: don't ship access syms files in tarball
2013-07-02 Eric Blakebuild: work around mingw header pollution
2013-07-02 Michal PrivoznikqemuNodeDeviceDetachFlags: Avoid use of uninitialized...
2013-07-02 Ján Tomkoqemu: fix return value of qemuDomainBlockPivot on errors
2013-07-02 Eric Blakebuild: configure must not affect tarball contents
2013-07-02 Eric Blakebuild: avoid build failure without gnutls
2013-07-01 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-1.1.0 v1.1.0
2013-07-01 Daniel P. BerrangeCrash of libvirtd by unprivileged user in virConnectLis... CVE-2013-2218
2013-07-01 Laine Stumppci: initialize virtual_functions array pointer to...
2013-07-01 Laine Stumpnode device driver: update driver name during dumpxml
2013-07-01 Daniel P. BerrangeDocument security reporting & handling process
2013-06-29 Eric Blakespec: require xen-devel for libxl driver
2013-06-29 John FerlanResolve valgrind errors for nodedev cap parsing
2013-06-29 John FerlanResolve valgrind error in remoteConfigGetStringList()