2010-04-15 Daniel P. BerrangeFix QEMU memory stats JSON mode
2010-04-15 Daniel P. BerrangeFix QEMU command building errors to reflect unsupported...
2010-04-15 Stefan Bergernwfilter: fix tear down order and consolidate functions
2010-04-15 Stefan BergerTrivial fix: Add braces to for statement to avoid crashes
2010-04-14 Matthias BolteFix close_used_without_including_unistd_h error
2010-04-14 Matthias BolteFix warnings about missing ':'
2010-04-14 David AllanImplement variable length structure allocator
2010-04-14 Jim MeyeringqemudDomainAttachSCSIDisk: avoid FP NULL-ptr-deref...
2010-04-14 Jim Meyeringxend_internal.c: assure clang that we do not dereferenc...
2010-04-14 Jim MeyeringqemudDomainAttachSCSIDisk: avoid FP NULL-ptr-deref...
2010-04-14 Jim MeyeringvirGetHostnameLocalhost: avoid FP NULL-ptr-deref from...
2010-04-14 Jim Meyeringnwfilter_ebiptables_driver.c: avoid NULL dereference
2010-04-14 Jim Meyeringbuild: set STATIC_ANALYSIS when running via clang or...
2010-04-14 Jim Meyeringsa_assert: assert-like macro, enabled only for use...
2010-04-14 Eric Blakebuild: fix recent 'make syntax-check' failure
2010-04-14 Eric Blakevirt-aa-helper-test: avoid non-portable echo -n
2010-04-14 Jim improve shell portability: avoid...
2010-04-14 Jim MeyeringvirStorageBackendFileSystemMount: prefer strdup over...
2010-04-14 Jim MeyeringvirStorageBackendFileSystemMount: placate clang
2010-04-14 Laine StumpImplement forgotten backend of virInterfaceIsActive()
2010-04-14 Jim MeyeringopenvzGetProcessInfo: address clang-detected low-probab...
2010-04-14 Jim MeyeringvshCommandRun: avoid used-uninitialized timing-related...
2010-04-14 Stefan Bergernwfilter: use virFindFileInPath for needed CLI tools
2010-04-14 Matthias Bolteesx: Extend to cover methods too
2010-04-14 Jim MeyeringesxVMX_GatherSCSIControllers: avoid NULL dereference
2010-04-13 Chris LalancetteFix build of openvz on RHEL-5.
2010-04-13 Chris LalancetteFix up formatting of remote protocol stuff.
2010-04-13 Chris LalancetteFix messsage -> message.
2010-04-13 Chris LalancetteFix up a debug typo.
2010-04-13 Chris LalancetteRemove some debugging leftovers.
2010-04-13 Stefan BergerConsolidate interface related functions in interface.c
2010-04-13 Daniel P. BerrangeFix nodeinfotest on NUMA machines
2010-04-13 Eric Blakebuild: include usleep gnulib module
2010-04-13 Daniel BerteaudFix spec file for builds without lxc
2010-04-12 Eric Blakebuild: fix syntax-check problems
2010-04-12 Stefan Bergeradd nwfilter functions to virsh man page
2010-04-12 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-0.8.0 v0.8.0
2010-04-12 Daniel VeillardAdd documentation for synchronous hooks
2010-04-12 Chris LalancetteRename virsh "revert-to-snapshot" to "snapshot-revert"
2010-04-12 Luiz CapitulinoSmall fixes to virsh man page
2010-04-12 Stefan Bergernwfilter: Fix memory leak on daemon init and shutdown
2010-04-09 Stefan Bergernwfilter: Process DHCP option to determine whether...
2010-04-09 David AllanAdd enospace option to qemu disk error policy
2010-04-09 Daniel P. BerrangeMore event callback fixes
2010-04-09 Stefan BergerUndoing 2nd application of the patch...
2010-04-09 Stefan BergerFix error in nwfilter test driver
2010-04-09 Stefan BergerFix error in nwfilter test driver
2010-04-09 Daniel VeillardFix some cppi prepocessor indentation issues
2010-04-09 Ryan Harperqemu: catch cdrom change error
2010-04-09 redshiftAvoid using multicast addresses for Ethernet MAC examples
2010-04-09 Stefan Bergernwfilter: More XML parser test cases
2010-04-09 Matthias BolteCleanup the msg_gen_function list in
2010-04-09 Matthias Bolteremote: Replace some virRaiseError with remoteError
2010-04-08 Matthias Bolteremote: Remove virConnectPtr from error/errorf
2010-04-08 Matthias BolteRemove undefined symbols from symbols file
2010-04-08 Matthias Bolteesx: Add domain snapshot support
2010-04-08 Matthias BolteGenerate libvirt.def from libvirt.syms
2010-04-08 Jiri DenemarkFix unterminated B<...> in virsh man page
2010-04-08 Daniel P. BerrangeFix up python bindings for new event callbacks
2010-04-08 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd missing nwfilter_learnipaddr.c to
2010-04-08 Daniel P. BerrangeFix Win32 portability problems
2010-04-08 Stefan Bergernwfilter: fix for directionality of ICMP traffic
2010-04-08 Matthias Bolteesx: Allow 'lsisas1068' as SCSI controller type
2010-04-08 Matthias Bolteesx: Report an error for invalid arguments in esxList...
2010-04-08 Diego Elio... Avoid searching for windres when not building for Windows
2010-04-07 Stefan BergerExecutable does not belong into repository.
2010-04-07 Stefan Bergernwfilter: Support for learning a VM's IP address
2010-04-07 Jim MeyeringxenXMDomainDefineXML: remove dead store and useless...
2010-04-07 Jim MeyeringcreateRawFileOpHook: avoid dead stores
2010-04-07 Jim MeyeringqemudDomainGetSecurityLabel: avoid dead store to "type"
2010-04-07 Jiri DenemarkFix CPU comparison for x86 arch
2010-04-07 Jiri DenemarkCleanup x86Compute()
2010-04-07 Jiri DenemarkProperly advertise cpuselection guest capability
2010-04-07 Jiri DenemarkDon't ignore guest CPU selection when unsupported by HV
2010-04-07 Jiri DenemarkDocument all options of virsh dumpxml
2010-04-07 Jim MeyeringqemuDomainSnapshotLoad: avoid dead store
2010-04-07 Eric Blakemaint: s/initialis/initializ/
2010-04-07 Jim Meyeringdomain_event.c: don't deref NULL on an OOM error path
2010-04-07 Stefan Bergernwfiler: fix due to non-symmetric src mac address match...
2010-04-07 Jim Meyeringqemu_driver.c: don't close an arbitrary file descriptor
2010-04-07 Daniel VeillardFix a typo in comment
2010-04-06 Jamie StrandbogeUpdate of the apparmore regression tests
2010-04-06 Jamie StrandbogeImprove the apparmor example
2010-04-06 Jamie StrandbogeImprove virt-aa-helper to handle SDL graphics and cleanups
2010-04-06 Jamie StrandbogeAdjust virt-aa-helper to handle pci devices
2010-04-06 Jamie StrandbogeAdd backingstore support to apparmor
2010-04-06 Jamie StrandbogeAdd VIR_DOMAIN_XML_INACTIVE flag when parsing domain XML
2010-04-06 Jamie Strandbogevirt-aa-helper should not fail if profile was removed
2010-04-06 Jamie StrandbogeDo nor clear caps when invoking virt-aa-helper
2010-04-06 Matthias BolteFix 'avialable' typo
2010-04-06 Eric Blakebuild: avoid autogen on 'make clean'
2010-04-06 Stefan BergerFix for nwfilter: Add filter schema for nwfilter XML...
2010-04-06 Matthias Boltemacvtap: Remove virConnectPtr from ReportError
2010-04-06 Matthias Boltephyp: Remove virConnectPtr from PHYP_ERROR
2010-04-06 Jim Meyeringvirterror.c: avoid erroneous case "fall-through"
2010-04-06 Matthias Bolteesx: Mark error messages for translation
2010-04-06 Matthias Boltevbox: Mark all error messages for translation
2010-04-06 Stefan Bergernwfilter: Add filter schema for nwfilter XML, extend...
2010-04-06 Stefan Bergernwfilter: Fix instantiated layer 2 rules for 'inout...
2010-04-06 Eric Blakevirsh: improve documentation