2014-01-22 Eric Blakemaint: this branch is now dead v0.8.3-maint
2010-08-04 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-0.8.3 v0.8.3
2010-08-04 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix PCI address allocation
2010-08-04 Jean-Baptiste... OpenVZ: implement suspend/resume driver APIs
2010-08-03 Laine StumpDon't leak delay string when freeing virInterfaceBridgeDefs
2010-08-03 Laine StumpFix build error in virsh.c
2010-08-02 Matthias Bolteesx: Set storage pool target path to host.mountInfo...
2010-08-02 Matthias Bolteesx: Make storage pool lookup by name and UUID more...
2010-08-02 Matthias Bolteesx: Restrict vpx:// to handle a single host in a vCenter
2010-08-02 Matthias Bolteesx: Map some managed object types
2010-08-02 Matthias Bolteesx: Parse the path of the URI
2010-08-02 Eric Blakeqemu: don't lose error on setting monitor capabilities
2010-08-02 Eric Blakebuild: avoid compiler warning, for real this time
2010-08-02 Eric BlakeFix virsh error message when -d arg is not numeric
2010-08-02 Daniel VeillardAdd Aurelien to AUTHORS
2010-08-02 Aurelien ROUGEMONTFix a couple of typo in iSCSI backend
2010-08-02 Daniel VeillardMake virsh -d check its input
2010-08-02 Laine StumpAdd iptables rule to fixup DHCP response checksum.
2010-08-02 Chris LalancetteFix the ACS checking in the PCI code.
2010-08-02 Chris LalancetteFree up memballoon def.
2010-08-02 Chris LalancetteDon't put a semicolon on the end of a VIR_ENUM_IMPL.
2010-08-02 Chris LalancetteFix a bogus warning when parsing <hostdev>
2010-07-31 Matthias BolteRemove duplicate </p> from
2010-07-30 Matthias BolteUpdate ID after stopping a domain
2010-07-30 Jean-Baptiste... openvzDomainCreateWithFlags: set domain id to the corre...
2010-07-30 Eric Blakestorage: kill dead stores
2010-07-30 Eric Blakeqemu: kill some dead stores
2010-07-30 Eric Blakenetwork: kill dead store
2010-07-30 Matthias Boltexenapi: Update ID after starting a domain
2010-07-30 Matthias Bolteesx: Update ID after starting a domain
2010-07-30 Chris LalancetteFix DMI uuid parsing.
2010-07-30 Daniel VeillardDo not activate boot=on on devices when not using KVM
2010-07-30 Chris LalancetteFix a memory leak in the qemudBuildCommandLine.
2010-07-30 Matthias Bolteesx: Fix freeing of heterogeneous lists
2010-07-30 Matthias Bolteesx: Switch from name to number checks in the subdrivers
2010-07-30 Matthias Bolteesx: Improve blocked task detection and fix race condition
2010-07-29 Eric Blakeesx: silence spurious compiler warning
2010-07-29 Eric Blakebuild: distribute libvirt_qemu.syms
2010-07-29 Eric Blakebuild: restore operation of bit-rotted 'make cov'
2010-07-29 Eric Blakexen: fix logic bug
2010-07-29 Eric Blakebuild: fix 'make syntax-check' failure
2010-07-29 Ryota Ozakilxc: Fix return values of veth.c functions
2010-07-29 Laine StumpEliminate memory leak in xenUnifiedDomainInfoListFree
2010-07-29 Ryota Ozakilxc: Fix 'autostart' doesn't take effect actually
2010-07-29 Matthias BolteFix --with-xen-proxy related compile error
2010-07-29 Chris LalancetteFix a potential race in pciInitDevice.
2010-07-28 Cole Robinsonqemu: virtio console support
2010-07-28 Cole Robinsondomain conf: Track <console> target type
2010-07-28 Cole Robinsondomain conf: char: Add an explicit targetType field
2010-07-28 Cole Robinsondomain conf: Rename character prop targetType -> deviceType
2010-07-28 Cole Robinsondocs: domain: Document virtio <channel>
2010-07-28 Cole Robinsontests: Test qemuxml2xml when expected xml changes
2010-07-28 Gerhard Stenzelfix handling of PORT_PROFILE_RESPONSE_INPROGRESS netlin...
2010-07-28 Eric Blakemaint: fix comment typos
2010-07-28 Chris LalancetteFix up confusing indentation in qemudDomainAttachHostPc...
2010-07-28 Eric Blakemaint: turn on gcc logical-op checking
2010-07-28 Eric Blakelibvirt-guests: add reload, condrestart
2010-07-28 Eric Blakelibvirt-guests: enhance status
2010-07-28 Eric Blakelibvirt-guests: detect invalid arguments
2010-07-28 Daniel P. BerrangeInvert logic for checking for QEMU disk cache options
2010-07-27 Cole Robinsonqemu: Allow setting boot menu on/off
2010-07-27 Cole Robinsondocs: Link wiki FAQ to main page
2010-07-27 Cole Robinsonqemu: Error on unsupported graphics config
2010-07-27 Jiri Denemarklibvirt-guests: Don't throw errors if libvirtd is not...
2010-07-26 Chris LalancetteForce FLR on for buggy SR-IOV devices.
2010-07-26 Eric Blakebuild: fix VPATH builds
2010-07-26 Chris WrightpciResetDevice: use inactive devices to determine safe...
2010-07-26 Chris WrightqemudDomainAttachHostPciDevice refactor to use new...
2010-07-26 Chris WrightAdd helpers qemuPrepareHostdevPCIDevice and qemuDomainR...
2010-07-26 Chris WrightqemuGetPciHostDeviceList take hostdev list directly
2010-07-24 Matthias Bolteesx: Support vSphere 4.1
2010-07-24 Matthias Bolteesx: Add vpx:// scheme to allow direct connection to...
2010-07-24 Matthias Bolteesx: Don't ignore the vcenter query parameter
2010-07-24 Matthias Bolteesx: Add autodetection for the SCSI controller model
2010-07-24 Matthias Bolteesx: Allow 'vmpvscsi' as SCSI controller model
2010-07-24 Matthias Boltesecaatest: Fix compilation
2010-07-24 Matthias Boltevirt-aa-helper-test: Fix failure due to the new disk...
2010-07-24 Matthias Boltevirt-aa-helper: Make getopt accept the p option
2010-07-24 Matthias Boltevirt-aa-helper: Fix return value of add_file_path
2010-07-24 Matthias Boltevirt-aa-helper: Ignore open errors again
2010-07-23 Eric Blakeqemu-api: avoid build failure
2010-07-23 Chris LalancetteAdd tests for the new Qemu namespace XML.
2010-07-23 Chris LalancetteQemu remote protocol.
2010-07-23 Chris LalancetteQemu arbitrary monitor commands.
2010-07-23 Chris LalancetteQemu Monitor API entry point.
2010-07-23 Chris LalancetteHandle arbitrary qemu command-lines in qemuParseCommand...
2010-07-23 Chris LalancetteQemu arbitrary command-line arguments.
2010-07-23 Chris LalancetteAdd namespace callback hooks to domain_conf.
2010-07-23 Philipp HahnFix SEGV on exit after domainEventDeregister()
2010-07-23 Daniel P. BerrangeFix .mailmap after accidental wrong committer address
2010-07-23 Chris WrightpciSharesBusWithActive fails to find multiple devices...
2010-07-23 Daniel P. BerrangeFix incorrect use of private data in remote driver
2010-07-23 Daniel P. BerrangeSet a stable & high MAC addr for guest TAP devices...
2010-07-23 Daniel P. BerrangeFix PCI address assignment if no IDE controller is...
2010-07-22 Ryota Ozakilxc: force kill of init process by sending SIGKILL...
2010-07-21 Laine StumpRemove erroneous setting of return value to errno.
2010-07-21 Laine StumpChange virDirCreate to return -errno on failure.
2010-07-21 Laine StumpMake virStorageBackendCopyToFD return -errno.
2010-07-21 Laine StumpChange virFileOperation to return -errno (ie < 0) on...
2010-07-21 Daniel P. BerrangeDocument the memory balloon device