2016-06-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Let empty default VNC password work as documented v0.9.12-maint
2014-09-18 Peter KrempaCVE-2014-3633: qemu: blkiotune: Use correct definition...
2014-05-06 Daniel P. BerrangeLSN-2014-0003: Don't expand entities when parsing XML
2014-03-20 Michal PrivoznikvirNetClientSetTLSSession: Restore original signal...
2014-03-20 Eric Blakebuild: use proper pod for nested bulleted VIRSH_DEBUG...
2014-01-16 Guido GüntherPrepare for v0.9.12.3
2014-01-16 Jiri DenemarkReally don't crash if a connection closes early
2014-01-16 Jiri DenemarkDon't crash if a connection closes early
2014-01-11 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix job usage in virDomainGetBlockIoTune
2014-01-11 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix job usage in qemuDomainBlockJobImpl
2014-01-11 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Avoid using stale data in virDomainGetBlockInfo
2014-01-11 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Do not access stale data in virDomainBlockStats
2014-01-11 Daniel P. BerrangeIntroduce virReportError macro for general error reporting
2014-01-11 Eric Blakestring: test VIR_STRDUP
2014-01-11 Eric Blakestring: make VIR_STRDUP easier to use
2014-01-11 Michal Privoznikvirstring: Introduce VIR_STRDUP and VIR_STRNDUP
2013-10-18 Zhou Yiminremote: fix regression in event deregistration
2013-10-04 Eric BlakeMerge commit 'v0.9.12.1' into v0.9.12-maint
2013-10-01 Guido GüntherPrepare for v0.9.12.2
2013-10-01 Guido GüntherDistribute viratomic.h
2013-09-27 Guido GüntherPrepare v0.9.12.1
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeFix crash in remoteDispatchDomainMemoryStats (CVE-2013...
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for using 3-arg pkcheck syntax for process...
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeInclude process start time when doing polkit checks
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeMove virProcess{Kill, Abort, TranslateStatus} into...
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeMove virProcessKill into virprocess.{h, c}
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeRename virCommandTranslateStatus to virProcessTranslate...
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeRename virPid{Abort, Wait} to virProcess{Abort, Wait}
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeRename virKillProcess to virProcessKill
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeIntroduce APIs for splitting/joining strings
2013-09-19 Daniel P. BerrangeFix TLS tests with gnutls 3
2013-09-19 Eric Blakebuild: avoid confusing make with raw name 'undefine'
2013-09-19 Jiri Denemarkvirsh: Fix POD syntax
2013-09-18 Eric Blakebuild: more workarounds for if_bridge.h
2013-09-18 Eric Blakebuild: allow building with newer glibc-headers and -O0
2013-09-12 Daniel P. BerrangeFix race condition when destroying guests
2013-09-12 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't ignore return value of qemuProcessKill
2013-09-12 Peter Krempaconf: Remove console stream callback only when freeing...
2013-09-12 Peter Krempaconf: Remove callback from stream when freeing entries...
2013-09-12 Luca Tettamantistorage: Need to also VIR_FREE(reg)
2013-09-12 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Add support for -no-user-config
2013-09-12 Peter Kremparpc: Fix crash on error paths of message dispatching
2013-09-12 Peter Krempaqemu: Fix off-by-one error while unescaping monitor...
2013-09-12 Jiri DenemarkRevert "rpc: Discard non-blocking calls only when neces...
2013-09-12 Eric Blakebuild: fix virnetlink on glibc 2.11
2013-09-11 Martin Kletzandersecurity: Fix libvirtd crash possibility
2013-09-11 Jiri Denemarkdaemon: Fix crash in virTypedParameterArrayClear
2012-05-14 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-0.9.12 v0.9.12
2012-05-13 Matthias Bolteesx: Fix memory leaks in error paths related to transfe...
2012-05-11 Peter Krempaqemu: Don't skip detection of virtual cpu's on non...
2012-05-11 Peter Krempaqemu: Re-detect virtual cpu threads after cpu hot ...
2012-05-11 Peter Krempaqemu: Refactor qemuDomainSetVcpusFlags
2012-05-11 Eric Blakebuild: fix stamp file name
2012-05-11 Guannan Renusb: fix crash when failing to attach a second usb...
2012-05-10 Eric Blakedocs: mention migration issue of which credentials...
2012-05-10 Osier Yangbuild: Fix the typo in
2012-05-10 Alex Jiaconf: Fix memory leaks in virStoragePoolDefParseSource
2012-05-09 Eric Blakeqemu: fix build when !HAVE_NUMACTL
2012-05-09 Jim FehligReport error when parsing character device target type
2012-05-09 Jiri Denemarknetlink: Fix build with libnl-3 v0.9.12-rc2
2012-05-09 Osier Yangnumad: Update comments in
2012-05-09 Osier Yangnumad: Check numactl-devel if compiled with numad support
2012-05-08 Osier Yangnumad: Divide cur_balloon by 1024 before passing it...
2012-05-08 Osier Yangnumad: Always output 'placement' of <vcpu>
2012-05-08 Osier Yangnumad: Copy 'placement' of <numatune> to <vcpu> by...
2012-05-08 Osier Yangnumad: Set memory policy from numad advisory nodeset
2012-05-08 Eric Blakesnapshot: allow block devices past cgroup
2012-05-08 Alon Levytests: add some self-documentation to tests
2012-05-08 Alon Levydomain_conf: add "default" to list of valid spice channels
2012-05-08 Alon Levydomain_conf: add "usbredir" to list of valid spice...
2012-05-07 Eric Blakebuild: avoid link failure on Windows
2012-05-07 Jim Meyeringvirsh: avoid heap corruption leading to virsh abort
2012-05-07 Laine Stumputil: set src_pid for virNetlinkCommand when appropriate
2012-05-07 Laine Stumputil: function to get local nl_pid used by netlink...
2012-05-07 Laine Stumputil: allow specifying both src and dst pid in virNetli...
2012-05-07 Laine Stumputil: fix libvirtd startup failure due to netlink error
2012-05-07 Guido Güntheropenvz: simplify openvzDomainDefineCmd by using virComm...
2012-05-07 Guannan Renqemu: call usb search function for hostdev initializati...
2012-05-07 Guannan Renusb: create functions to search usb device accurately
2012-05-07 Cole Robinsonrpm: Handle different source URLs for maint releases
2012-05-07 Cole Robinsondocs: Add 'maintenance releases' link in 'News' sidebar
2012-05-07 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Emit compatible XML when migrating a domain
2012-05-04 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Don't use virDomainDefFormat* directly
2012-05-04 Eric Blakeqemu: reject blockiotune if qemu too old
2012-05-04 Eric Blakeqemu: don't modify domain on failed blockiotune
2012-05-04 Laine Stumputil: remove error log from stubs of virNetlinkEventSer...
2012-05-04 Stefan Bergernode_device: fix possible non-terminated string
2012-05-04 Stefan Bergeruuid: fix possible non-terminated string
2012-05-04 Stefan Bergertests: fix resource leak
2012-05-04 Stefan Bergerqemu: fix resource leak
2012-05-04 Stefan Bergervmx: fix resource leak
2012-05-04 Guido Güntheropenvz: read vmguarpages/privvmpages to set memory...
2012-05-04 Osier YangCoverity: Fix resource leak in virnetlink.c
2012-05-04 Osier YangCoverity: Fix resource leak in nodeinfo.c
2012-05-04 Osier YangCoverity: Fix resource leak in test driver
2012-05-04 Osier YangCoverity: Fix resource leak in xen driver
2012-05-04 Osier YangCoverity: Fix resource leaks in phyp driver
2012-05-04 Osier YangCoverity: Fix the forward_null error in Python binding...
2012-05-03 Eric Blakeqemu: avoid 32-bit compiler warning
2012-05-03 Serge Hallynbuild: support libnl-3