2016-06-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Let empty default VNC password work as documented v1.0.4-maint
2014-11-10 Eric BlakeCVE-2014-7823: dumpxml: security hole with migratable...
2014-10-01 Pavel Hrdinadomain_conf: fix domain deadlock
2014-09-18 Peter KrempaCVE-2014-3633: qemu: blkiotune: Use correct definition...
2014-09-18 Daniel P. BerrangeLSN-2014-0003: Don't expand entities when parsing XML
2014-07-03 Peter Krempaqemu: copy: Accept 'format' parameter when copying...
2014-07-03 Eric Blakebuild: fix 'make check' with newer git
2014-06-26 Eric Blakedocs: publish correct enum values
2014-06-26 Peter Krempaqemu: blockcopy: Don't remove existing disk mirror...
2014-04-09 Martin Kletzanderqemu: make sure agent returns error when required data...
2014-04-09 Martin Kletzanderqemu: remove unneeded forward declaration
2014-04-09 Martin Kletzanderqemu: cleanup error checking on agent replies
2014-04-09 Peter Krempaqemu: Properly report guest agent errors on command...
2014-03-20 Michal PrivoznikvirNetClientSetTLSSession: Restore original signal...
2014-03-10 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a mutex to serialize updates to firewall
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangePush nwfilter update locking up to top level
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a read/write lock implementation
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove use of virConnectPtr from all remaining nwfilter...
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't pass virConnectPtr in nwfilter 'struct domUpdateC...
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove virConnectPtr arg from virNWFilterDefParse*
2014-02-06 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't ignore errors parsing nwfilter rules
2014-01-15 Jiri DenemarkReally don't crash if a connection closes early
2014-01-15 Jiri DenemarkDon't crash if a connection closes early
2014-01-15 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix job usage in virDomainGetBlockIoTune
2014-01-15 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix job usage in qemuDomainBlockCopy
2014-01-15 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix job usage in qemuDomainBlockJobImpl
2014-01-15 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Avoid using stale data in virDomainGetBlockInfo
2014-01-15 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Do not access stale data in virDomainBlockStats
2014-01-15 Eric Blaketests: be more explicit on qcow2 versions in virstoragetest
2014-01-15 Eric Blakebuild: use proper pod for nested bulleted VIRSH_DEBUG...
2014-01-15 Jim Fehliglibxl: fix build with Xen4.3
2013-10-18 Zhou Yiminremote: fix regression in event deregistration
2013-10-03 Osier Yangvirsh: Fix regression of vol-resize
2013-09-18 Daniel P. BerrangeFix crash in remoteDispatchDomainMemoryStats (CVE-2013...
2013-09-18 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd support for using 3-arg pkcheck syntax for process...
2013-09-18 Daniel P. BerrangeInclude process start time when doing polkit checks
2013-08-20 Peter Krempavirbitmap: Refactor virBitmapParse to avoid access...
2013-07-11 Ján Tomkostorage: return -1 when fs pool can't be mounted
2013-07-11 Ján Tomkoqemu: fix return value of qemuDomainBlockPivot on errors
2013-07-01 Dennis ChenFix vPort management: FC vHBA creation
2013-07-01 Ján Tomkobridge: don't crash on bandwidth unplug with no bandwidth
2013-07-01 Ján TomkoFix invalid read in virCgroupGetValueStr
2013-07-01 Ján Tomkovirsh: edit: don't leak XML string on reedit or redefine
2013-06-20 John Ferlanlxc: Resolve issue with GetScheduler APIs for non runni...
2013-06-20 John Ferlanqemu: Resolve issue with GetScheduler APIs for non...
2013-06-18 Ján Tomkoconf: fix use after free in virChrdevOpen
2013-06-18 Ján Tomkovirtlockd: fix socket path
2013-06-18 Ján Tomkonodedev: fix vport detection for FC HBA
2013-05-31 Laine Stumpqemu: prevent termination of guests w/hostdev on driver...
2013-05-16 Ján Tomkodaemon: fix leak after listing all volumes
2013-05-09 Ján Tomkodon't mention disk controllers in generic controller...
2013-05-09 Ján Tomkoiscsi: don't leak portal string when starting a pool
2013-05-09 Ján Tomkoqemu: fix default spice password setting
2013-05-09 Ján Tomkoqemu: fix crash in qemuOpen
2013-04-22 Eric Blakemaint: update to latest gnulib
2013-04-22 Eric Blakemaint: update to latest gnulib
2013-04-22 Eric Blakeaudit: properly encode device path in cgroup audit
2013-04-09 Alex Jiasanlock: add missing test command in virt-sanlock-clean...
2013-04-09 Jiri Denemarkspec: Require pod2man when running autoreconf
2013-04-09 Eric Blakebuild: check correct protocol.o file
2013-04-09 Daniel P. BerrangeEnsure LD_PRELOAD exists before running test case
2013-04-09 Peter Kremparpc: Fix connection close callback race condition and...
2013-04-09 Peter Krempavirsh: Register and unregister the close callback also...
2013-04-09 Peter Krempavirsh: Move cmdConnect from virsh-host.c to virsh.c
2013-04-09 Viktor Mihajlovskivirsh: Unregister the connection close notifier upon...
2013-04-09 Viktor Mihajlovskilibvirt: Increase connection reference count for callbacks
2013-04-09 Atsushi Kumagaistorage: Fix volume cloning for logical volume.
2013-04-09 Daniel P. BerrangeEnable full RELRO mode
2013-04-09 Daniel P. BerrangeBuild all binaries with PIE
2013-04-09 Peter Krempaqemu: Fix crash when updating media with shared device
2013-04-09 Michal Privoznikvirsh: Call virDomainFree in cmdDomFSTrim
2013-04-09 Eric Blakesmartcard: spell ccid-card-emulated qemu property correctly
2013-04-09 John FerlanResolve valgrind failure
2013-04-09 Laine StumpFix crash in virNetDevGetVirtualFunctions
2013-04-01 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-1.0.4 v1.0.4
2013-03-29 Christophe... docs: Fix truncated sentence in RDP 'multiUser' attribute
2013-03-29 Ján Tomkovirsh: don't call virSecretFree on NULL
2013-03-29 Martin Kletzanderstorage: Avoid double virCommandFree in virStorageBacke...
2013-03-29 Ján Tomkonodedev: invert virIsCapableFCHost return value
2013-03-28 Michal Privozniksecurity_manager.c: Append seclabel iff generated
2013-03-28 Michal Privoznikvirutil: Fix compilation on non-linux platforms
2013-03-28 Osier Yangutil: Fix the conflict type for virIsCapableFCHost
2013-03-28 Michal Privozniklibvirt_private.syms: Correctly export seclabel APIs
2013-03-28 Michal Privozniksecurity: Don't add seclabel of type none if there...
2013-03-28 Michal Privozniksecurity_manager: Don't manipulate domain XML in virDom...
2013-03-28 Guannan Renconf: fix memory leak of class_id bitmap
2013-03-28 Guannan Renuml:release config object when uml driver shutdown
2013-03-28 Guannan Renqemu:release qemu config object when qemu driver shutdown
2013-03-27 Stefan Seyfriednet: use newer iptables syntax v1.0.4-rc2
2013-03-27 Viktor Mihajlovskiremote: Don't call NULL closeFreeCallback
2013-03-27 Jiri Denemarkrpc: Fix client crash when server drops connection
2013-03-27 Jiri Denemarklog: Separate thread ID from timestemp in ring buffer
2013-03-27 Guannan Renconf: fix a failure when detaching a usb device
2013-03-26 Yanbing Duvirsh: Correct DESCRIPTION for virsh help blockcopy
2013-03-26 Guido Güntherqemu: Don't set address type too early during virtio...
2013-03-26 Ján Tomkovirsh: error out on non-numeric timeout values
2013-03-26 Michal Privoznikqemu: Set migration FD blocking
2013-03-26 Martin KletzanderFix virConnectOpen.*() name requirements
2013-03-26 Peter Krempavirsh: Let the compiler check usage of all fields in...
2013-03-26 Guannan Renpython: set default value to optional arguments