2016-06-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Let empty default VNC password work as documented v1.1.3-maint
2015-12-16 Eric BlakeCVE-2015-5313: storage: don't allow '/' in filesystem...
2015-12-16 Martin Kletzanderutil: Prepare URI formatting for libxml2 >= 2.9.2
2015-04-27 Ján TomkoProperly check the return value of CCWAddressAsString
2015-04-27 Daniel P. Berrangeavoid using deprecated udev logging functions
2015-04-27 Dario Faggiolilibxl: don't break the build on Xen>=4.5 because of...
2015-04-27 Cole Robinsonqemu: Always refresh capabilities if no <guests> found
2015-04-25 Michal PrivoznikvirSecuritySELinuxSetFileconHelper: Don't fail on read...
2015-02-26 Ján Tomkoconf: error out on missing dhcp host attributes
2015-02-26 Luyao Huangconf: error out on invalid host id
2015-02-08 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.1.3.9
2015-01-22 Peter KrempaCVE-2015-0236: qemu: Check ACLs when dumping security...
2015-01-22 Peter KrempaCVE-2015-0236: qemu: Check ACLs when dumping security...
2014-12-23 Peter Krempaqemu: migration: Unlock vm on failed ACL check in proto...
2014-11-16 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.1.3.8
2014-11-16 Cole Robinsontests: Fix compilation
2014-11-16 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.1.3.7
2014-11-07 Eric BlakeCVE-2014-7823: dumpxml: security hole with migratable...
2014-10-30 Lubomir Rintelnode_device_udev: Try harder to get human readable...
2014-10-30 Martin Kletzandertests: don't fail with newer gnutls
2014-10-30 Cédric BosdonnatFix crash in virsystemdtest with dbus 1.7.6
2014-10-01 Pavel Hrdinadomain_conf: fix domain deadlock
2014-09-18 Peter KrempaCVE-2014-3633: qemu: blkiotune: Use correct definition...
2014-09-08 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.1.3.6
2014-09-08 Bamvor Jian... fix api changes in xen restore
2014-09-08 Eric Blakemaint: fix typo in previous patch
2014-09-08 Jim Fehligmaint: cleanup detection of const'ness of selinux ctx
2014-09-08 Cédric Bosdonnatbuild: fix build with libselinux 2.3
2014-09-08 Cole Robinsonvirerror: Fix an error message typo
2014-09-08 Cole Robinsonstorage: Report error from VolOpen by default
2014-09-08 Cole Robinsonstorage: Rename VolOpenCheckMode to VolOpen
2014-09-08 Cole Robinsonstorage: move block format lookup to shared UpdateVolInfo
2014-09-08 Cole Robinsonstorage: Rename UpdateVolInfoFlags to UpdateVolInfo
2014-09-08 Gao fengLXC: fix the problem that libvirt lxc fail to start...
2014-09-08 Daniel P. BerrangeFix pci bus naming for PPC
2014-09-08 Stefan Baderlibxl: Check for control_d string to decide about dom0
2014-09-02 Ján TomkoFree ifname in testDomainGenerateIfnames
2014-08-27 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't include @LIBS@ in file
2014-07-03 Peter Krempaqemu: copy: Accept 'format' parameter when copying...
2014-07-03 Eric Blakebuild: fix 'make check' with newer git
2014-06-26 Eric Blakedocs: publish correct enum values
2014-06-26 Peter Krempaqemu: blockcopy: Don't remove existing disk mirror...
2014-05-06 Daniel P. BerrangeLSN-2014-0003: Don't expand entities when parsing XML
2014-05-05 Jim Fehliglibxl: fix framebuffer port setting for HVM domains
2014-05-03 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.1.3.5
2014-05-03 Michal Privoznikqemu: Introduce qemuDomainDefCheckABIStability
2014-05-03 Laine Stumpinterface: dump inactive xml when interface isn't active
2014-05-03 Michal Privoznikinterface: Introduce netcfInterfaceObjIsActive
2014-05-02 Ján TomkoIgnore additional fields in iscsiadm output
2014-05-01 Laine Stumpqemu: fix crash when removing <filterref> from interfac...
2014-04-18 Ján TomkoOnly set QEMU_CAPS_NO_HPET on x86
2014-04-16 Daniel P. BerrangeFix journald PRIORITY values
2014-04-11 Martin Kletzanderqemu: make sure agent returns error when required data...
2014-04-11 Martin Kletzanderqemu: remove unneeded forward declaration
2014-04-11 Martin Kletzanderqemu: cleanup error checking on agent replies
2014-04-10 Ján TomkoIgnore char devices in storage pools by default
2014-04-10 Ján TomkoIgnore missing files on pool refresh
2014-04-10 Eric Blakestorage: reduce number of stat calls
2014-04-10 Ján TomkoFix explicit usage of default video PCI slots
2014-03-19 Michal PrivoznikvirNetClientSetTLSSession: Restore original signal...
2014-03-10 Eric Blakestorage: use valid XML for awkward volume names
2014-03-10 Eric Blakemaint: fix comma style issues: conf
2014-03-10 Michal PrivoznikvirNetServerRun: Notify systemd that we're accepting...
2014-03-10 Michal Privozniklibvirt-guests: Wait for libvirtd to initialize
2014-03-10 Michal PrivoznikvirSystemdCreateMachine: Set dependencies for slices
2014-03-10 Guido GüntherAdd Documentation fields to systemd service files
2014-03-10 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a mutex to serialize updates to firewall
2014-02-19 Guido Günthervirt-login-shell: also build virAtomic.h
2014-02-18 Ján TomkoFix conflicting types of virInitctlSetRunLevel
2014-02-18 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.1.3.4
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Eric BlakeCVE-2013-6456: Avoid unsafe use of /proc/$PID/root...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd helper for running code in separate namespaces
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd virFileMakeParentPath helper function
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeMove check for cgroup devices ACL upfront in LXC hotplug
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeDisks are always block devices, never character devices
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeFix reset of cgroup when detaching USB device from...
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeRecord hotplugged USB device in LXC live guest config
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeFix path used for USB device attach with LXC
2014-02-18 Daniel P. BerrangeDon't block use of USB with containers
2014-02-18 Eric Blakestorage: avoid short reads while chasing backing chain
2014-02-05 Eric Blakeevent: move event filtering to daemon (regression fix)
2014-02-04 Daniel P. BerrangePush nwfilter update locking up to top level
2014-02-04 Daniel P. BerrangeAdd a read/write lock implementation
2014-01-28 Jiri Denemarktests: Add more tests for virConnectBaselineCPU
2014-01-28 Jiri Denemarkcpu: Try to use source CPU model in virConnectBaselineCPU
2014-01-28 Jiri Denemarktests: Better support for VIR_CONNECT_BASELINE_CPU_EXPA...
2014-01-20 Martin Kletzanderqemu: Change the default unix monitor timeout
2014-01-17 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.1.3.3
2014-01-16 Eric Blakevirt-login-shell: fix regressions in behavior
2014-01-16 Daniel P. BerrangeFix race leading to crash when setting up dbus watches
2014-01-15 Eric Blakeevent: filter global events by domain:getattr ACL ...
2014-01-15 Eric BlakeFix memory leak in virObjectEventCallbackListRemoveID()
2014-01-15 Michal PrivoznikvirDomainEventCallbackListFree: Don't leak @list->callbacks
2014-01-15 Jiri DenemarkReally don't crash if a connection closes early