2016-06-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Let empty default VNC password work as documented v1.2.15-maint
2015-12-13 Eric BlakeCVE-2015-5313: storage: don't allow '/' in filesystem...
2015-09-03 Michal PrivoznikremoteClientCloseFunc: Don't mangle connection object...
2015-09-02 John Ferlanstorage: Handle failure from refreshVol
2015-09-02 John Ferlanvirfile: Introduce virFileUnlink
2015-08-28 Jim FehligRevert "LXC: show used memory as 0 when domain is not...
2015-07-02 Michal Privozniklxc: Don't pass a local variable address randomly
2015-06-16 Eric W. Biedermanlxc: set nosuid+nodev+noexec flags on /proc/sys mount
2015-05-04 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-1.2.15 v1.2.15
2015-04-30 John Ferlanqemu: Fix bus and lun checks when v1.2.15-rc2
2015-04-30 Pavel Hrdinamain: add new generated files to .gitignore
2015-04-30 Pavel Hrdinarpm-build: update %files section for libxl
2015-04-30 Peter Krempaqemu: blockjob: Call qemuDomainSupportsBlockJobs only...
2015-04-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Check address type for USB disks
2015-04-30 Jiri Denemarkcpu: Honor vendor_id override in host-model
2015-04-30 Ján Tomkoiscsi: do not fail to stop a stopped pool
2015-04-29 Jim Fehliglibxl: provide integration with lock manager
2015-04-29 Cole Robinsondomain: conf: Drop unused OSTYPE_AIX
2015-04-29 Michael Chapmanqemu: migration: use sync block job helpers
2015-04-29 Michael ChapmanqemuDomainBlockJobAbort: use sync block job helpers
2015-04-29 Michael ChapmanqemuProcessStop: wake up pending sync block jobs
2015-04-29 Michael ChapmanqemuBlockJobSync*: introduce sync block job helpers
2015-04-29 Michael ChapmanqemuBlockJobEventProcess: move to new source file
2015-04-29 Peter Krempaqemu: Validate available slot count for memory devices
2015-04-29 Peter Krempaqemu: command: Validate that memory devices slot ID...
2015-04-29 Peter Krempaqemu: conf: Reject memory device if it would exceed...
2015-04-29 Peter Krempaqemu: blockCopy: Allow reuse of raw image for shallow...
2015-04-28 Maxim Nestratovparallels: implement domainDetachDevice and domainDetac...
2015-04-28 Maxim Nestratovparallels: add prlsdkDelDisk and prlsdkGetDiskIndex...
2015-04-28 Martin KletzanderFix building virnetserverclientmock with MinGW
2015-04-28 Zhang Botests: free ChardevInfo correctly in qemumonitorjsontest
2015-04-28 Zhang Boqemu: make qemuMonitorChardevInfoFree non-static
2015-04-28 Cole Robinsonstorage: fs: Ignore volumes that fail to open with...
2015-04-28 Cole Robinsonstorage: If driver startup state syncing fails, delete...
2015-04-28 Cole Robinsonstorage: Break out storageDriverLoadPoolState
2015-04-28 Cole Robinsonstorage: Don't leave stale state file if pool startup...
2015-04-28 Cole Robinsonstorage: Fix autostart dir for qemu:///session
2015-04-28 John Ferlanqemu: Remove need for qemuMonitorIOThreadInfoFree
2015-04-28 John Ferlanqemu: qemuProcessDetectIOThreadPIDs invert checks
2015-04-28 John Ferlanqemu: Remove need for qemuDomainParseIOThreadAlias
2015-04-28 John Ferlanconf: Resolve some Coverity errors
2015-04-28 Roman Bogorodskiyconf: explicitly initialize 'cpumask' variable
2015-04-28 Laine Stumpnetwork: check newDef for used bridge names in addition...
2015-04-28 Laine Stumpnetwork: check for bridge name conflict with existing...
2015-04-28 Laine Stumpnetwork: move auto-assign of bridge name from XML parse...
2015-04-27 Laine Stumptest: Fix actual vs. expected in virtTestCompareFiles v1.2.15-rc1
2015-04-27 John Ferlanqemu: Resolve Coverity DEADCODE
2015-04-27 John Ferlanvirsh: Add iothreadadd and iothreaddel commands
2015-04-27 John Ferlanqemu: Add support to Add/Delete IOThreads
2015-04-27 John Ferlandomain: Introduce virDomainIOThreadSchedDelId
2015-04-27 John Ferlanremote: Add support for AddIOThread and DelIOThread
2015-04-27 John FerlanImplement virDomainAddIOThread and virDomainDelIOThread
2015-04-27 John Ferlanconf: Adjust the iothreadsched expectations
2015-04-27 John FerlanMove iothreadspin information into iothreadids
2015-04-27 John Ferlanconf: Move virDomainPinIsDuplicate and make static
2015-04-27 John Ferlanqemu: Use domain iothreadids to IOThread's 'thread_id'
2015-04-27 John Ferlanconf: Add new domain XML element 'iothreadids'
2015-04-27 Martin KletzanderCleanup parameters for mock libraries
2015-04-27 Michal PrivoznikCleanup srcdir usage
2015-04-27 zhang boutil: fix memleak in virStorageSourceClear
2015-04-27 Pavel FedinAdd missing linker flags for MinGW build
2015-04-27 John Ferlanstorage: Resolve Coverity UNINIT
2015-04-27 Michal Privoznikopenvz: Drop useless domain lookup
2015-04-27 Martin KletzanderFix check for return value of qemuDomainAgentAvailable()
2015-04-27 Zhang Boconf: fix memleak in virDomainHostdevDefClear
2015-04-27 Zhang Boconf: fix memleak in virDomainNetIpParseXML
2015-04-27 Zhang Boqemu: fix memleak in virCapabilitiesDomainDataLookup
2015-04-27 Zhang Boqemu: fix memleaks in qemuBuildCommandLine
2015-04-27 Zhang Boutil: fix memleak in virFindSCSIHostByPCI
2015-04-27 Zhang Botests: fix some memleaks in tests
2015-04-27 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix comment for timeDelta
2015-04-27 zhang boFix typo in comment about memory binding
2015-04-26 Peter Krempaqemu: Connect to guest agent after channel hotplug
2015-04-26 Peter Krempaqemu: agent: Differentiate errors when the agent channe...
2015-04-26 Peter Krempaqemu: Reuse qemuDomainAgentAvailable in qemuDomainInter...
2015-04-26 Peter Krempaqemu: Fix domain object leak in qemuDomainInterfaceAddr...
2015-04-26 Peter Krempaqemu: agent: Reuse virJSONValueObjectCreateVArgs in...
2015-04-24 Olaf Heringlibxl: remove duplicate check for pci subsystem type
2015-04-24 Olaf Heringlibxl: use pci init and dispose functions
2015-04-24 Jim Fehliglibxl: initialize sdl.opengl defbool in libxlMakeVfb
2015-04-24 Olaf Heringlibxl: initialize vfb defbools in libxlMakeVfb
2015-04-24 Maxim Nestratovparallels: fix crash in prlsdkAddNet in case of CT...
2015-04-24 John Ferlanvirhostdev: Fix comments for virHostdevReAttachPCIDevices
2015-04-24 Roman Bogorodskiybhyve: fix build in tests
2015-04-24 Huanle Hanhostdev: fix net config restore error
2015-04-24 Huanle Hanhostdev: Create virHostdevIsPCINetDevice
2015-04-24 Cole Robinsonqemu: Build nvram directory at driver startup
2015-04-24 Cole Robinsonqemu: Build channel autosocket directory at driver...
2015-04-24 Cole Robinsonqemu: chown autoDumpPath on driver startup
2015-04-24 Cole Robinsonqemu: conf: Clarify paths that are relative to libDir
2015-04-24 Cole Robinsontests: qemu: Couple aarch64 CPU tests
2015-04-24 Jiri Denemarkmigration: Usable time statistics without requiring NTP
2015-04-24 Jiri DenemarkFix memory leak in virNetSocketNewConnectUNIX
2015-04-24 Pavel Hrdinabuild: add pragma directive to fix build on some gcc
2015-04-24 Michal Privoznikuml: s/virDomainObjListFindByID/virDomainObjListFindByUUID/
2015-04-24 Michal PrivoznikvirDomainObjList: Introduce yet another hash table
2015-04-24 Michal PrivoznikvirDomainObjListFindByName: Return referenced object
2015-04-24 Michal PrivoznikIntroduce virDomainObjEndAPI
2015-04-24 Michal PrivoznikvirDomainObjListNew: Use virObjectFreeHashData
2015-04-24 Michal PrivoznikvirDomainObjListAddLocked: s/false/NULL/ for @oldDef