2016-06-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Let empty default VNC password work as documented v1.2.16-maint
2015-12-13 Eric BlakeCVE-2015-5313: storage: don't allow '/' in filesystem...
2015-09-03 Michal PrivoznikremoteClientCloseFunc: Don't mangle connection object...
2015-09-02 John Ferlanstorage: Correct the 'mode' check
2015-09-02 John Ferlanstorage: Handle failure from refreshVol
2015-09-02 John Ferlanvirfile: Introduce virFileUnlink
2015-08-28 Jim FehligRevert "LXC: show used memory as 0 when domain is not...
2015-07-17 Christophe... storage: fs: Fix pool building when directory already...
2015-07-02 Michal Privozniklxc: Don't pass a local variable address randomly
2015-06-16 Eric W. Biedermanlxc: set nosuid+nodev+noexec flags on /proc/sys mount
2015-06-01 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-1.2.16 v1.2.16
2015-05-29 Ján TomkoAllocate priv->vioserialaddrs unconditionally
2015-05-29 Ján TomkoProperly free the xmlDocPtr when loading pool state
2015-05-28 Jim Fehliglibxl: support QXL video device v1.2.16-rc2
2015-05-28 Jim Fehliglibxl: support SPICE graphics for HVM domains
2015-05-28 Jim Fehliglibxl: change reservedVNCPorts to reservedGraphicsPorts
2015-05-28 Jim Fehliglibxl: populate build_info vfb in separate function
2015-05-28 John Ferlanstorage: Fix problem with disk backend pool allocation...
2015-05-28 John Ferlanstorage: Don't adjust pool alloc/avail values for disk...
2015-05-28 John FerlanRevert "storage: Don't duplicate efforts of backend...
2015-05-28 Laine Stumpdebug: assure NULLSTR() around all %s args in debug...
2015-05-28 Laine Stumpnode_device: more informative error log when device...
2015-05-28 Kothapally... virsh: Fix to list online cpus using virsh capabilities
2015-05-28 Ján TomkoFix the event name in vshEventTrayChangePrint
2015-05-28 Ján TomkoFix shrinking volumes with the delta flag
2015-05-28 Ján TomkoSimplify allocation check in storageVolResize
2015-05-28 Maxim Nestratovparallels: suppress console output from parallels SDK
2015-05-27 Lubomir Rintelinterface: don't error out if a bond has no interfaces
2015-05-27 Andrea Bolognaniqemu: Limit rtc-reset-reinjection requirement to x86...
2015-05-27 Martin Kletzanderstorage_fs: Create directory with UID if needed
2015-05-27 Zhang Boutil: make it more robust to calculate timeout value
2015-05-27 Roman Bogorodskiyzfs: fix storagepoolxml2xml test
2015-05-27 Peter Krempaqemu: Fix compilation error when enum variable size...
2015-05-26 Luyao Huangutil: improve the sysinfo element XML format v1.2.16-rc1
2015-05-26 Luyao Huangconf: Avoid formatting empty redirfilter element
2015-05-26 Eric Blakemaint: update to latest gnulib
2015-05-26 John Ferlanqemu: Add libvirt version check to refresh capabilities...
2015-05-26 John Ferlanqemu: Force capabilities cache refresh if libvirtd...
2015-05-26 Daniel P. Berrangedocs: update github project name
2015-05-26 John Ferlanqemu: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK
2015-05-26 John Ferlanconf: Resolve Coverity NEGATIVE_RETURNS
2015-05-26 Cole Robinsonstorage: fs: Only force directory permissions if required
2015-05-26 Cole Robinsonconf: storage: Don't emit empty <permissions> block
2015-05-26 Cole Robinsonstorage: conf: Don't set any default <mode> in the XML
2015-05-26 Cole Robinsondocs: formatstorage: Update <permissions> docs
2015-05-25 Maxim Nestratovparallels: fix possible crash in case of errors in...
2015-05-25 Maxim Nestratovparallels: move up updating parameter in prlsdkLoadDomain
2015-05-25 Pavel Hrdinavirsh: reject negative values for scaled integer
2015-05-25 Michal Privoznikdocs: Document new RO repo mirrors
2015-05-24 John Ferlannetwork: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL
2015-05-24 John Ferlanconf: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL
2015-05-24 John Ferlanstorage: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL
2015-05-24 Roman Bogorodskiyzfs: fix storagepoolxml2xml test
2015-05-24 Roman Bogorodskiybhyve: fix build with gcc48
2015-05-23 Pavel FedinAdd missing XDR_FLAGS
2015-05-22 Laine Stumputil: better error message after failure to initialize...
2015-05-22 Laine Stumpinterface: allow multiple IPv4 addresses + dhcp on...
2015-05-22 Laine Stumpnetdev: fail when setting up an SRIOV VF if PF is offline
2015-05-21 Cole Robinsonstorage: conf: Don't output owner/group -1
2015-05-21 Maxim Nestratovnode_device: fix libvirt build if WITH_HAL is defined
2015-05-21 Michal Privozniksysinfo: Fix reports on ARM
2015-05-21 Michal PrivoznikqemuDomainDetachChrDevice: Fix chardev hot-unplug
2015-05-21 Michal PrivoznikqemuDomainAttachChrDevice: Fix chardev hotplug
2015-05-21 Michal Privoznikqemu: Implement pci-serial
2015-05-21 Michal PrivoznikIntroduce pci-serial
2015-05-21 Peter Krempautil: Avoid shadow of 'ulong' in virMemoryMaxValue
2015-05-21 Ján Tomkoqemu: wire up virDomainSetUserPassword
2015-05-21 Ján Tomkovirsh: add set-user-password command
2015-05-21 Ján TomkoIntroduce virDomainSetUserPassword API
2015-05-21 Jiri Denemarkthreadpool: Switch to detached threads
2015-05-21 Jiri DenemarkUse virDomainDiskByName where appropriate
2015-05-21 Jiri DenemarkAdd wrappers for virDomainDiskIndexBy*
2015-05-21 Erik Skultetyqemu: Log error if domain uses security driver which...
2015-05-21 Luyao Huangconf: Restore the XML parser context in virDomainMemory...
2015-05-20 Peter Krempaconf: Catch memory size overflow earlier
2015-05-20 Michal PrivoznikvirDomainNumatuneGetMode: Report if numatune was defined
2015-05-20 John FerlanTaint domains using cdrom-passthrough
2015-05-19 Cole Robinsonvirfile: virDirCreate: Drop redundant FORCE_PERMS flag
2015-05-19 Cole Robinsonvirfile: virDirCreate: Fix ALLOW_EXIST conditional
2015-05-18 Martin Kletzanderqemu: Fix numatune nodeset reporting
2015-05-18 Jim Fehligxenconfig: fix spice mousemode and copypaste
2015-05-18 Jim Fehligxenconfig: fix spicepasswd handling
2015-05-18 Jim Fehligxenconfig: format spice listenAddr when formating ports
2015-05-18 Jim Fehligxenconfig: use local variable for graphics def
2015-05-18 Laine Stumpnode_device: replace duplicated code in hal and udev...
2015-05-18 Laine Stumpnode_device: update sriov/iommu info before dumpxml...
2015-05-18 Laine Stumpnode_device: new functions to get sriov/iommu info...
2015-05-18 Laine Stumpnode device: prepare node_device_linux_sysfs.c to add...
2015-05-18 Laine Stumpnodedev: change if-else if in update_caps to switch
2015-05-18 Laine Stumpconf: make virNodeDevCapData an official type
2015-05-18 Andrea Bolognanivirsh: Improve handling of send-process-signal --pid.
2015-05-18 Andrea Bolognanivirsh: Fix dommemstat --period option type.
2015-05-18 Andrea Bolognanivirsh: Improve error message on integer value parsing...
2015-05-18 Tony Krowiaklibvirt: tests: test protected key mgmt ops support
2015-05-18 Tony Krowiaklibvirt: qemu: enable/disable protected key management ops
2015-05-18 Tony Krowiaklibvirt: Introduce protected key mgmt ops
2015-05-15 Jim Fehliglibxl: provide impl for nodeGetSecurityModel
2015-05-15 Laine Stumpqemu: log error when domain has an unsupported IDE...
2015-05-15 Laine Stumpqemu: clean up qemuBuildCommandline loop that builds...
2015-05-15 Laine Stumpqemu: remove test for allowing ide controller in s390...