2016-06-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Let empty default VNC password work as documented v1.2.17-maint
2015-12-13 Eric BlakeCVE-2015-5313: storage: don't allow '/' in filesystem...
2015-09-03 Michal PrivoznikremoteClientCloseFunc: Don't mangle connection object...
2015-09-02 John Ferlanstorage: Correct the 'mode' check
2015-09-02 John Ferlanstorage: Handle failure from refreshVol
2015-09-02 John Ferlanvirfile: Introduce virFileUnlink
2015-08-28 Jim FehligRevert "LXC: show used memory as 0 when domain is not...
2015-07-17 Christophe... storage: fs: Fix pool building when directory already...
2015-07-10 Martin Kletzanderrpc: Rework timerActive logic in daemon
2015-07-10 Martin Kletzanderrpc: Add virNetDaemonHasClients
2015-07-02 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-1.2.17 v1.2.17
2015-07-01 John Ferlanphyp: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL
2015-07-01 John Ferlanutil: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL
2015-07-01 John Ferlanutil: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL
2015-07-01 John Ferlanutil: Resolve Coverity FORWARD_NULL
2015-07-01 Michal Privozniklxc: Don't pass a local variable address randomly
2015-07-01 John Ferlanqemu: Resolve Coverity DEADCODE
2015-07-01 Peter Krempaconf: qemu: Taint VMs using custom device tree blob
2015-07-01 Peter Krempaqemu: Audit memory size with memory hotplug operations
2015-07-01 Peter Krempaconf: audit: Audit physical memory size rather than...
2015-07-01 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Avoid using ".(null)" in UNIX socket path
2015-07-01 Peter Krempaqemu: agent: Don't automatically disable CPU0 via guest...
2015-07-01 Luyao Huangqemu: End job even if exiting monitor after OpenGraphic...
2015-07-01 Ján Tomkoqemu: properly free addresses on non-serial chardev...
2015-07-01 Luyao Huangqemu: fix address allocation on chardev attach
2015-06-30 Jim Fehliglibxl: Set def->vcpus after successfully modifying... v1.2.17-rc2
2015-06-30 Jim Fehliglibxl: honor domainGetXMLDesc() --inactive flag
2015-06-30 Jim Fehliglibxl: don't remove persistent domain on start failure
2015-06-30 Jim Fehliglibxl: don't overwrite domain state from statedir config
2015-06-30 John Ferlanqemu: Add missing on_crash lifecycle type
2015-06-30 John FerlanUse the correct symbol for 'onCrash'
2015-06-30 John Ferlanmpath: Don't allow more than one mpath pool at a time
2015-06-30 John Ferlanmpath: Update path in CheckPool function
2015-06-30 John Ferlanconf: Validate disk lun using correct types
2015-06-30 Prerna SaxenaStorage: Introduce shadow vol for refresh while the...
2015-06-30 Peter Krempaconf: storage: Fix duplicate check for gluster pools
2015-06-30 Peter Krempaqemu: event: Clean up VNC monitor handling
2015-06-30 Peter Krempaqemu: event: Properly handle spice events
2015-06-30 Peter KrempaRevert "Introduce QEMU_CAPS_ARM_VIRT_PCI"
2015-06-30 Peter Krempaqemu: Close the agent connection only on agent channel...
2015-06-30 John Ferlanstorage: Set correct vol->type at VolCreate
2015-06-30 Andrea BolognaniFix typo incomaptible -> incompatible
2015-06-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Fix assignment of the default spicevmc channel...
2015-06-29 Jiri Denemarkqemuxml2argv: Remove Haswell CPU from unrelated tests
2015-06-28 Martin KletzanderRevert "Change livbirt version to 1.3.0 for the next... v1.2.17-rc1
2015-06-28 Martin KletzanderTemporarily disable admin API
2015-06-28 Martin Kletzanderspec: Remove admin package specification
2015-06-27 John Ferlanqemu: Resolve Coverity RESOURCE_LEAK
2015-06-26 John Ferlandocs: Clarification for when allowed to use 'lun' for...
2015-06-26 Laine Stumpdocs: document when pcie-root/dmi-to-pci-bridge support...
2015-06-26 Laine Stumpqemu: ignore assumptions about hotplug requirement...
2015-06-26 Laine Stumpqemu: always permit PCI devices to be manually assigned...
2015-06-26 Laine Stumpqemu: refactor qemuBuildControllerDevStr to eliminate...
2015-06-26 Peter Krempatest: qemu: Make sure that wr_highest_offset_valid...
2015-06-26 Peter Krempaqemu: monitor: Remove qemuMonitorGetBlockExtent
2015-06-26 Peter Krempaqemu: Refactor qemuDomainGetBlockInfo
2015-06-26 Peter Krempaqemu: monitor: Open-code retrieval of wr_highest_offset
2015-06-26 Peter Krempaqemu: monitor: Fix indentation in qemuMonitorJSONGetOne...
2015-06-26 Peter Krempainternal: Introduce virCheckNonEmptyStringArgGoto and...
2015-06-26 Peter Krempavz: Fix build after recent commit
2015-06-26 Nikolay Shirokovskiyvz: add memory statistics
2015-06-26 Nikolay Shirokovskiyvz: add vcpu statistics
2015-06-26 Nikolay Shirokovskiyvz: cleanup, make in par net device lookup functions
2015-06-26 Nikolay Shirokovskiyvz: add net dev statistiscs
2015-06-26 Michal Privoznikdocs: Don't keep temporary files around
2015-06-26 Michal Privoznikvz_utils: Reformat
2015-06-26 Michal Privoznikvz_storage: Reformat
2015-06-26 Michal Privoznikvz_sdk: Reformat
2015-06-26 Michal Privoznikvz_network: Reformat
2015-06-26 Michal Privoznikvz_driver: Reformat
2015-06-26 Michal PrivoznikqemuBuildMemoryBackendStr: Honour passed @pagesize
2015-06-26 Michal PrivoznikqemuBuildMemoryBackendStr: Fix hugepages lookup process
2015-06-25 Luyao Huangconf: Format scheduler priority when it is zero
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Refactor testNodeGetCPUMap
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Refactor vcpu pinning and vcpu info retrieval
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Refactor testDomainSetVcpusFlags
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Refactor test driver domain object retrieval
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Drop locked access to testDriver->domains
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Finalize removal of locking from driver->eventState
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Refactor test driver event sending
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Use atomic access to @nextDomID in struct virTest...
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Annotate few fields of testDriver structure
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Drop unused attribute @path from testDriver struct
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Extract common parts of test driver data allocation
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Extract code to free testDriver into testDriverFree
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: turn 'defaultConn' into a pointer
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Drop useless forward declaration
2015-06-25 Peter Krempatest: Rename testConn to testDriver
2015-06-25 Luyao Huangqemu: Avoid removing persistent config if migration...
2015-06-25 Michal Privoznikvz: Adapt to driver rename
2015-06-25 Eric Blakejson: enhance parser test
2015-06-25 Eric Blakejson: even stricter trailing garbage detection
2015-06-25 Eric Blakejson: reject trailing garbage
2015-06-25 Eric Blakejson: reject javascript comments
2015-06-25 Eric Blakejson: cope with older yajl semantics
2015-06-24 Dmitry Guryanovvz: fix syntax-check errors
2015-06-24 Mikhail Feoktistovvz: implementation of attach/detach network devices
2015-06-24 Boris FiuczynskiTest for the new watchdog model diag288
2015-06-24 Boris FiuczynskiSupport for the new watchdog model diag288
2015-06-24 Boris FiuczynskiTest for the new watchdog action inject-nmi