2016-07-18 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.2.18-maint v1.2.18.4
2016-06-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Let empty default VNC password work as documented
2016-06-23 Cole Robinsonspec: Fix error in last backport
2016-06-23 Cole Robinsonspec: Advertise nvram paths of official fedora edk2...
2016-05-04 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.2.18.3
2016-05-04 Andrea Bolognanispec: Use proper indentation
2016-05-04 Cole Robinsonspec: If installing default network, restart libvirtd
2016-05-04 Ben Grayrpc: Don't leak fd via CreateXMLWithFiles
2016-05-04 Daniel P. Berrangelibvirt.spec: remove duplicate files from -docs package
2016-04-20 Michal Privoznikwireshark: Fix header of get_message_len()
2016-04-20 Michal Privoznikwireshark: Replace WIRESHARK_COMPAT with actual version...
2016-04-20 Michal Privoznikwireshark: s/tvb_length/tvb_captured_length/
2016-04-20 Michal Privoznikwireshark: s/ep_alloc/wmem_alloc/
2016-04-20 Michal Privoznikwireshark: s/proto_tree_add_text/proto_tree_add_item/
2016-04-20 Cole Robinsonspec: Only pull in API docs with -devel package
2016-04-13 Eric Blakebuild: accomodate selinux 2.5 header API change
2016-04-13 Pavel Hrdinabuild: add GCC 6.0 -Wlogical-op workaround
2016-04-13 Pavel Hrdinabuild: cleanup GCC < 4.6 -Wlogical-op workaround
2016-04-07 Daniel P. Berrangelxc: don't try to hide parent cgroups inside container
2016-03-17 Jovanka Gulicoskadriver: log missing modules as INFO, not WARN
2016-03-17 Cole Robinsonrpc: wait longer for session daemon to start up
2016-03-17 Cole Robinsonutil: virfile: Only setuid for virFileRemove if on NFS
2016-03-17 Cole Robinsonutil: virfile: Clarify setuid usage for virFileRemove
2016-03-17 Cole Robinsonlxc: fuse: Stub out Slab bits in /proc/meminfo
2016-03-17 Cole Robinsonlxc: fuse: Fill in MemAvailable for /proc/meminfo
2016-03-17 Cole Robinsonlxc: fuse: Fix /proc/meminfo size calculation
2016-03-17 Cole Robinsonlxc: fuse: Unindent meminfo logic
2016-02-11 John Ferlanvirfile: Fix error path for forked virFileRemove
2016-01-21 Jiri Denemarksecurity: Do not restore kernel and initrd labels
2016-01-21 Cole Robinsonrpc: socket: Don't repeatedly attempt to launch daemon
2016-01-21 Cole Robinsonrpc: socket: Explicitly error if we exceed retry count
2016-01-21 Cole Robinsonrpc: socket: Minor cleanups
2016-01-21 Cole Robinsonbuild: predictably generate systemtap tapsets (bz 1173641)
2016-01-20 Ján Tomkoleaseshelper: fix crash when no mac is specified
2016-01-05 Ján Tomkoschema: interleave domain name and uuid with other...
2015-12-24 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.2.18.2
2015-12-23 Daniel VeillardFix a trailing space in spec file
2015-12-23 Ján Tomkovirsh: report errors for empty strings
2015-12-23 Ján Tomkobridge: check for invalid MAC in networkGetDHCPLeases
2015-12-23 Jiri DenemarkEnhance documentation of virDomainDetachDevice
2015-12-23 Guido Güntherapparmor: add missing qemu binaries
2015-12-23 Luyao Huangqemu: Use live autoNodeset when numatune placement...
2015-12-23 Shivaprasad... Close the source fd if the destination qemu exits durin...
2015-12-23 John Ferlanstorage: Fix incorrect format for <disk> <auth> XML
2015-12-23 Daniel P. Berrangevirt-host-validate: distinguish exists vs accessible...
2015-12-23 Cole Robinsonspec: Delete .git after applying patches
2015-12-23 Cédric Bosdonnatapparmor: differentiate between error and unconfined...
2015-12-23 John Ferlanstorage: Adjust calculation of alloc/capacity for disk
2015-12-23 Andrea Bolognaniqemu: Add conditions for qemu-kvm use on ppc64
2015-12-23 Peter Kremparpc: libssh2: Fix regression in ssh host key verification
2015-12-23 Peter Kremparpc: libssh2: Add more debugging info
2015-12-23 Ján TomkoUpdate pool allocation with new values on volume creation
2015-12-23 Guido GüntherUse daemon log facility for journald
2015-12-23 Michal PrivoznikvirDomainCreateXML: Make domain definition transient
2015-12-23 Michal PrivoznikvirDomainCreateXML: Don't remove persistent domains...
2015-12-23 Peter Krempaqemu: Refresh memory size only on fresh starts
2015-12-23 Jiri Denemarkdomain: Fix migratable XML with graphics/@listen
2015-12-23 Stefan Bergertpm: adapt sysfs cancel path for new TPM driver
2015-12-23 Guido Güntherlibvirt-guests: Disable shutdown timeout
2015-12-23 Martin Kletzandersystemd: Escape only needed characters for machined
2015-12-23 Martin Kletzandersystemd: Escape machine name for machined
2015-12-13 Eric BlakeCVE-2015-5313: storage: don't allow '/' in filesystem...
2015-10-15 Dominik Perpeetdocs: event impl. registration before hypervisor connection
2015-10-06 Cole Robinsonspec: Fix some warnings with latest rpmbuild
2015-10-06 Cole Robinsonqemu: Fix dynamic_ownership qemu.conf setting
2015-09-22 Cole RobinsonPrep for release v1.2.18.1
2015-09-22 David Mansfieldtest driver: don't unlock pool after freeing it
2015-09-22 Chunyan Liulibxl: fix AttachDeviceConfig on hostdev type
2015-09-22 Michal Privozniksecurity_selinux: Take @privileged into account
2015-09-22 Guido Güntherselinux: fix compile errors
2015-09-22 Martin Kletzandersecurity_selinux: Add SetDirLabel support
2015-09-22 Martin Kletzandersecurity: Add virSecurityDomainSetDirLabel
2015-09-22 Martin Kletzandersecurity_selinux: Use proper structure to access socket...
2015-09-22 Michal Privozniksecurity_selinux: Replace SELinuxSCSICallbackData with...
2015-09-22 Michal PrivoznikvirSecuritySELinuxSetSecurityAllLabel: drop useless...
2015-09-22 Michal PrivoznikvirSecurityManager: Track if running as privileged
2015-09-22 Peter Krempaqemu: hotplug: Properly clean up drive backend if front...
2015-09-22 Daniel P. Berrangexen: fix race in refresh of config cache
2015-09-22 Ian Campbelllibxl: don't end job for ephemeal domain on start failure
2015-09-22 Luyao Huangconf: fix crash when parsing a unordered NUMA <cell/>
2015-09-22 John Ferlanqemu: Check virGetLastError return value for migration...
2015-09-22 Jim Fehliglibxl: don't overwrite error from virNetSocketNewConnec...
2015-09-22 Pavel Hrdinadomain-conf: escape string for socket attribute
2015-09-22 Michal Privozniksrc: Check for symbols ordering in ADMIN_SYM_FILES
2015-09-22 Michal Privozniksrc: Cleanup libvirt_admin.syms
2015-09-22 Michal Privozniksrc: Check libvirt_admin.syms for exported symbols
2015-09-22 Laine Stumputil: fallback to ioctl(SIOCBRDELBR) if netlink RTM_DEL...
2015-09-22 Laine Stumputil: fallback to ioctl(SIOCBRADDBR) if netlink RTM_NEW...
2015-09-22 Jim Fehliglibxl: acquire a job when receiving a migrating domain
2015-09-22 Jim Fehliglibxl: don't attempt to resume domain when suspend...
2015-09-22 Jim Fehliglibxl: fix ref counting of libxlMigrationDstArgs
2015-09-22 Michal Privozniklibvirt_lxc: Claim success for --help
2015-09-22 Michal Privoznikvirt-aa-helper: Improve valid_path
2015-09-22 Luyao Huangqemu: Emit correct audit message for memory hot unplug
2015-09-22 Luyao Huangqemu: Emit correct audit message for memory hot plug
2015-09-22 Laine Stumphostdev: skip ACS check when using VFIO for device...
2015-09-22 Martin KletzanderStart daemon only after filesystems are mounted
2015-09-22 Peter Kieservirt-aa-helper: add NVRAM store file for read/write
2015-09-22 Luyao Huangqemu: Update blkio.weight value after successful set
2015-09-22 Vasiliy TolstovEliminate incorrect and unnecessary check for changed...