2016-06-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Let empty default VNC password work as documented v1.2.7-maint
2015-12-16 Eric BlakeCVE-2015-5313: storage: don't allow '/' in filesystem...
2015-12-16 Martin Kletzanderutil: Prepare URI formatting for libxml2 >= 2.9.2
2015-12-16 Daniel P. Berrangeavoid using deprecated udev logging functions
2015-12-16 John Ferlanqemu_driver: Resolve Coverity CONSTANT_EXPRESSION_RESULT
2015-09-03 Michal PrivoznikremoteClientCloseFunc: Don't mangle connection object...
2015-08-28 Jim FehligRevert "LXC: show used memory as 0 when domain is not...
2015-06-16 Eric W. Biedermanlxc: set nosuid+nodev+noexec flags on /proc/sys mount
2015-01-30 Michal Privoznikxend: Don't crash in virDomainXMLDevID
2015-01-22 Peter KrempaCVE-2015-0236: qemu: Check ACLs when dumping security...
2015-01-22 Peter KrempaCVE-2015-0236: qemu: Check ACLs when dumping security...
2014-12-22 Peter Krempaqemu: migration: Unlock vm on failed ACL check in proto...
2014-11-12 Laine Stumputil: eliminate "use after free" in callers of virNetDe...
2014-11-06 Eric BlakeCVE-2014-7823: dumpxml: security hole with migratable...
2014-10-01 Pavel Hrdinadomain_conf: fix domain deadlock
2014-09-17 Peter KrempaCVE-2014-3633: qemu: blkiotune: Use correct definition...
2014-08-14 Mo yuxiangconf: fix parsing 'cmd_per_lun' and 'max_sectors'
2014-08-07 Eric Blakeblockjob: fix use-after-free in blockcopy
2014-08-07 Eric Blakeblockjob: avoid memory leak during block pivot
2014-08-05 Eric Blakeblockjob: correctly report active commit for job info
2014-08-03 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-1.2.7 v1.2.7
2014-08-03 Eric Blakebuild: fix build on cygwin
2014-08-03 Laine Stumpnetwork: always set disable_ipv6, even when it should...
2014-08-01 Ján TomkoFix a crash when cloning a volume with no backing store
2014-07-30 Roman Bogorodskiydocs: bhyve: document recent changes v1.2.7-rc2
2014-07-30 Eric Blakeblockcommit: turn on active commit
2014-07-30 Eric Blakeblockcommit: track job type in xml
2014-07-30 Cédric BosdonnatDomain config: write <features/> if some capabilities...
2014-07-30 Chen Hanxiaodocs: fix an incorrect example for memoryBacking
2014-07-29 Eric Blakeblockjob: properly track blockcopy xml changes on disk
2014-07-29 Eric Blakeblockcopy: add more XML for state tracking
2014-07-29 Hu Taoqemu: error out if PCI passthrough type is not supported
2014-07-29 Michal Privoznikqemu: Implement ./hugepages/page/[@size, @unit, @nodeset]
2014-07-29 Michal Privoznikdomain: Introduce ./hugepages/page/[@size, @unit, ...
2014-07-29 Michal Privoznikvirbitmap: Introduce virBitmapOverlaps
2014-07-29 Michal Privoznikqemu: Utilize virFileFindHugeTLBFS
2014-07-29 Michal PrivoznikIntroduce virFileFindHugeTLBFS
2014-07-29 Peter Krempastorage: create: Create files with correct mode
2014-07-29 Roman Bogorodskiyschema: bhyve and nmdm updates
2014-07-29 Chen Hanxiaonodedev: fix a uninitialized variable build failure
2014-07-28 Eric Blakenodedev: fix pci express memory leak
2014-07-28 Eric Blakenodedev: move pci express types to virpci.h
2014-07-28 Eric Blakenodedev: let compiler help us on switches
2014-07-28 Peter Krempaqemu: sound: Fix uninitialized model string
2014-07-28 Peter Krempaqemu: sound: Handle all possible sound cards in switch...
2014-07-28 Peter Krempaconf: RNG: Always fill in default random source path...
2014-07-25 Cole Robinsonspec: arm and aarch64 have kvm support with F20+ v1.2.7-rc1
2014-07-25 Cole Robinsonspec: Use power64 macro
2014-07-25 Peter Krempaqemu: Fix starting of VMs with empty CDROM drives
2014-07-25 Martin Kletzanderlibvirt-guests: fix some typos in a comment
2014-07-25 Jamesutil: virTimeFieldsThenRaw never returns negative
2014-07-25 Li Yanglibvirt: Fix 'quest' typo in comment
2014-07-25 Peter Krempatest: qemu: Add tests for multiple virtio-rng devices
2014-07-25 Peter Krempavirtio-rng: allow multiple RNG devices
2014-07-25 Peter Krempaqemu: cgroup: Don't use NULL path on default backed...
2014-07-24 Michal PrivoznikqemuConnectGetDomainCapabilities: Report error on unkno...
2014-07-24 Martin Kletzanderremove range checking for blkiotune weight
2014-07-24 Roman Bogorodskiybhyve: cdrom support
2014-07-24 Martin Kletzandervirsh: add option for selecting domdisplay type
2014-07-24 Martin Kletzandervirsh: add error message when no graphical display...
2014-07-24 John Ferlanhostdev: Introduce virDomainHostdevSubsysSCSIiSCSI
2014-07-24 John FerlanAdd virConnectPtr for qemuBuildSCSIHostdevDrvStr
2014-07-24 John Ferlanhostdev: Introduce virDomainHostdevSubsysSCSIHost
2014-07-24 John Ferlanhostdev: Introduce virDomainHostdevSubsysSCSI
2014-07-24 John Ferlanhostdev: Introduce virDomainHostdevSubsysPCI
2014-07-24 John Ferlanhostdev: Introduce virDomainHostdevSubsysUSB
2014-07-24 Peter Krempaqemu: snapshot: Use storage driver to pre-create snapsh...
2014-07-24 Peter Krempastorage: Implement virStorageFileCreate for local and...
2014-07-24 Peter Krempaqemu: Implement DAC driver chown callback to co-operate...
2014-07-24 Peter Krempasecurity: DAC: Plumb usage of chown callback
2014-07-24 Peter Krempasecurity: DAC: Introduce callback to perform image...
2014-07-24 Peter Krempasecurity: DAC: Remove superfluous link resolution
2014-07-24 Peter Krempastorage: Add witness for checking storage volume use...
2014-07-24 Peter Krempastorage: Implement storage driver helper to chown disk...
2014-07-24 Michal PrivoznikqemuConnectGetDomainCapabilities: Use wiser defaults
2014-07-24 Martin Kletzandernumatune: finish the split from domain_conf and remove...
2014-07-24 Nehal J Wanileaseshelper: avoid mem leak after storing lease entries
2014-07-23 Eric Blakemaint: simplify some syntax check exemptions
2014-07-23 Eric Blakeconf: avoid memory leaks while parsing seclabel
2014-07-23 Eric Blakenwfilter: plug memory leak with firewall
2014-07-23 Eric Blakemetadata: track title edits across libvirtd restart
2014-07-23 John Ferlandocs: Point to list of valid pool target volume formats
2014-07-23 Jiri Denemarkspec: Enable sanlock on qemu_kvm_arches for RHEL
2014-07-23 Cédric BosdonnatAdded myself in
2014-07-23 Cédric BosdonnatDocumented VIR_DOMAIN_FEATURE_CAPABILITIES use of virDo...
2014-07-23 Ján TomkoIntroduce virTristateSwitch enum
2014-07-23 Ján TomkoIntroduce virTristateBool enum type
2014-07-23 Peter KrempaFix build after 47e5b5ae3262f140955abd57bbb13337c65a3497
2014-07-23 Chen HanxiaoLXC: show used memory as 0 when domain is not active
2014-07-23 Cédric Bosdonnatlxc domain from xml: convert lxc.cap.drop
2014-07-23 Cédric Bosdonnatlxc: allow to keep or drop capabilities
2014-07-23 Chen HanxiaoLXC: create a bind mount for sysfs when enable userns...
2014-07-22 Michal Privozniktests: Remove stale scsihostdata dir
2014-07-22 Peter Krempaqemu: snapshot: Forbid taking/reverting snapshots in...
2014-07-22 Peter Krempaqemu: snapshot: Forbid taking snapshot in invalid state
2014-07-22 Michal Privoznikdomtop: Fix build on mingw
2014-07-21 Eric Blakebuild: fix build without numactl
2014-07-21 Roman Bogorodskiystorage: logical: drop useless if
2014-07-21 Roman BogorodskiyFix build on non-Linux platforms
2014-07-21 John FerlangetAdapterName: Lookup stable scsi_host