2016-10-03 Eric Blakebuild: accomodate selinux 2.5 header API change v1.3.0-maint
2016-10-03 Pavel Hrdinamaint: fix syntax-check sc_prohibit_int_ijk exclude...
2016-10-03 Pavel Hrdinabuild: add GCC 6.0 -Wlogical-op workaround
2016-10-03 Michal PrivoznikInitialize couple of variables.
2016-10-03 Marc Hartmayerutil: bitmap: clarify virBitmapLastSetBit() behavior...
2016-10-03 Martin KletzanderFix building with -Og
2016-10-03 Martin Kletzanderqemu: Only use memory-backend-file with NUMA if needed
2016-06-30 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Let empty default VNC password work as documented
2015-12-12 Eric BlakeCVE-2015-5313: storage: don't allow '/' in filesystem...
2015-12-09 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-1.3.0 v1.3.0
2015-12-08 Jim FehligRevert "libxl: implement virDomainInterfaceStats"
2015-12-08 Daniel P. Berrangerpm: explicitly enable & start virtlogd on install
2015-12-07 Daniel P. Berrangelibvirtd: enable virtlockd/virtlogd socket activation...
2015-12-07 Daniel P. Berrangelogging: validate flags passed from client in virtlogd
2015-12-07 Daniel P. Berrangelogging: change log protocol to be more reusable
2015-12-07 Daniel P. Berrangelogging: preserve driver, dom name & uuid against log...
2015-12-07 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: fix memory leak in opening log file
2015-12-04 Nikolay Shirokovskiylibvirt: Update virDomainSetMemory description v1.3.0-rc2
2015-12-04 Boris Fiuczynskiqemu: Automatic SCSI controller creation in SCSI disk...
2015-12-04 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: include hostname in QEMU log files
2015-12-04 Daniel P. Berrangerotatingfile: mark log files as close-on-exec
2015-12-04 Guido Güntherlibvirtd: require virtlogd to start before libvirtd
2015-12-04 Peter Krempaqemu: domain: Prevent overflows in memory alignment...
2015-12-04 Peter Krempaschema: Allow > UINT_MAX KiB of memory for NUMA nodes
2015-12-03 Boris Fiuczynskiconf: Revert some code to resolve issues for hostdev...
2015-12-03 Ján Tomkovirsh: remove custom error for cpulist from cmdIOThreadPin
2015-12-03 Ján Tomkovirsh: report errors for empty strings
2015-12-03 Ján Tomkobridge: check for invalid MAC in networkGetDHCPLeases
2015-12-02 Joao Martinslibxl: implement virDomainInterfaceStats
2015-12-02 Ian Campbellnetwork: selectively disable -Wcast-align in virNetDevP...
2015-12-01 Michal Privozniklog_manager: Include configmake.h last v1.3.0-rc1
2015-12-01 Michal Privozniktests: Run virnetdaemontest iff WITH_YAJL
2015-12-01 Martin Kletzanderadmin: Distribute libvirt-admin.conf
2015-12-01 Martin Kletzanderadmin: Rename virAdmConnect to virAdmDaemon
2015-12-01 Martin Kletzanderspec: Temporarily disable new admin-related files
2015-12-01 Martin Kletzanderadmin: Include admin_remote.c in the dist package
2015-11-30 Wang Yufeiqemu_agent: fix deadlock in qemuProcessHandleAgentEOF
2015-11-30 Martin Kletzanderbuild: Create needed folders without dependency tracking
2015-11-30 Martin Kletzanderinclude: Install libvirt-common.h
2015-11-30 Martin Kletzanderutil: Avoid variable named 'truncate' shadowing global...
2015-11-30 Wei Jiangangtools: fix output of list with state-shutoff
2015-11-30 Michal Privoznikconf: Split virDomainObjList into a separate file
2015-11-30 Ján Tomkoqemu: build command line for virtio-input-host device
2015-11-30 Ján Tomkoqemu: add passed-through input devs to cgroup ACL
2015-11-30 Ján Tomkosecurity: label the evdev for input device passthrough
2015-11-30 Ján Tomkoconf: add XML for input device passthrough
2015-11-30 Ján Tomkoqemu: add capability for virtio-input-host-device
2015-11-30 Ján Tomkoqemu: build command line for virtio input devices
2015-11-30 Ján Tomkoconf: parse and format virtio input bus in domain XML
2015-11-30 Ján Tomkoqemu: add capabilities for virtio input devices
2015-11-30 Pavel Hrdinavirlogd: fix crash if log file exists and it's larger...
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyvirt-admin: Provide a man page for virt-admin
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyadmin: Introduce virAdmConnectGetLibVersion
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyadmin: Add support for connection close callbacks
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyadmin: Add support for URI aliases
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetylivirt: Move URI alias matching to util
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyadmin: Add URI support and introduce virAdmGetDefaultURI
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyadmin: Do not generate remoteAdminConnect{Open,Close}
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyadmin: Move remote admin API version to a separate...
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyadmin: Introduce virAdmConnectIsAlive
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyvirt-admin: Introduce first working skeleton
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyadmin: introduce virAdmGetVersion
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetylibvirt: Move config getters to util
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetyadmin: Introduce libvirt-admin.conf
2015-11-30 Erik Skultetylibvirt: introduce libvirt/
2015-11-27 Marc-André... qemu: add virtio-gpu virgl support
2015-11-27 Marc-André... qemu: add virtio video device
2015-11-27 Marc-André... domain: replace bool accel{2d, 3d} with a tristate
2015-11-27 Marc-André... Replace support{2d,3d} with accel{2d,3d}
2015-11-27 Martin Kletzandersystemd: Escape only needed characters for machined
2015-11-27 Martin Kletzandervirtlogd: Fix build without DBus
2015-11-27 Daniel P. Berrangelogging: remove reference to non-existent augeas files
2015-11-27 Daniel P. Berrangelogging: avoid variables called 'daemon' due to functio...
2015-11-26 Guido Günthervirtlogd: use %llu to print 64bit types
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangevirtlockd: fix misc memory leaks and other bugs
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangelogging: inhibit virtlogd shutdown while log files...
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: add support for sending QEMU stdout/stderr to...
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: convert monitor to use qemuDomainLogContextPtr...
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: convert process stop/attach to use qemuDomainLogC...
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: convert qemuLogOperation to take a qemuDomainLogC...
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: change qemuDomainTaint APIs to accept qemuDomainL...
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: convert log file creation to use qemuDomainLogCon...
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: introduce a qemuDomainLogContext object
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: unify code for reporting errors from QEMU log...
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangeqemu: remove writing to QEMU log file for rename operation
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangelogging: add client for virtlogd daemon
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangelogging: introduce log handling protocol
2015-11-26 Daniel P. BerrangeImport stripped down virtlockd code as basis of virtlogd
2015-11-26 Daniel P. Berrangeutil: add APIs for reading/writing from/to rotating...
2015-11-26 Martin Kletzandersystemd: Escape machine name for machined
2015-11-26 Martin Kletzandervirsh: Try to keep printed XML pretty with change-media
2015-11-26 Ján Tomkoschema: use a better regex for listen addresses
2015-11-25 Jiri DenemarkEnhance documentation of virDomainDetachDevice
2015-11-25 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Use qemuProcessLaunch in migration Prepare phase
2015-11-25 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Skip starting NBD servers for offline migration
2015-11-25 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Kill QEMU process if Prepare phase fails
2015-11-25 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Separate incoming URI generation from qemuMigrati...
2015-11-25 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Introduce qemuProcessFinishStartup
2015-11-25 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Introduce qemuProcessLaunch
2015-11-25 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Introduce qemuProcessInit