2016-10-04 Martin Kletzanderspec: Fix indentation v1.3.4-maint
2016-10-04 Pavel Hrdinamaint: fix syntax-check sc_prohibit_int_ijk exclude...
2016-10-04 Marc Hartmayerutil: bitmap: clarify virBitmapLastSetBit() behavior...
2016-10-04 Martin KletzanderFix building with -Og
2016-10-04 Martin Kletzanderqemu: Only use memory-backend-file with NUMA if needed
2016-07-13 Daniel P. require systemd-container on >= f24
2016-07-04 Jiri Denemarkqemu: Let empty default VNC password work as documented
2016-05-01 Daniel VeillardRelease of libvirt-1.3.4 v1.3.4
2016-04-30 Yuri ChornoivanFix minor typos in messages
2016-04-29 Laine StumpRevert "qemu domain allow to set ip address, peer addre...
2016-04-29 Laine StumpRevert "lxc domain allow to set peer address"
2016-04-29 Laine StumpRevert "libvirt domain xml allow to set peer address"
2016-04-29 Ben Grayrpc: Don't leak fd via CreateXMLWithFiles
2016-04-28 Mikhail Feoktistovvz: fix disk enumeration v1.3.4-rc2
2016-04-28 Nikolay Shirokovskiyvirsh: Fix support for 64 migration options
2016-04-28 Martin Kletzanderqemu: Regenerate VNC socket paths
2016-04-28 Peter Krempaqemu: Error out if setting vcpu count would lead to...
2016-04-28 Peter Krempaqemu: conf: Set default logging approach in virQEMUDriv...
2016-04-27 Martin KletzanderShorten domain name for automatic coredump
2016-04-27 Martin KletzanderUnify domain name shortening
2016-04-27 Martin Kletzanderqemu: Unref cfg in qemuDomainDefPostParse
2016-04-26 Cole Robinsonconf: Drop restrictions on rng backend path v1.3.4-rc1
2016-04-26 Cole Robinsonremote: Don't reject remote polkit if client lacks...
2016-04-26 Andrea Bolognanispec: Use proper indentation
2016-04-26 Cole Robinsonspec: If installing default network, restart libvirtd
2016-04-26 Cole Robinsonschema: Allow space character in disk vendor/product
2016-04-26 Andrea Bolognanimaint: Ignore all intermediate and generated man pages
2016-04-26 Andrea Bolognaniapibuild: Fix method call
2016-04-26 Andrea Bolognaniapibuild: Introduce app class
2016-04-26 Andrea Bolognaniapibuild: Add index.warning() method
2016-04-26 Andrea Bolognanidocs: Pass relative paths to
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Change virSecretDef variable names
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Introduce virSecretObjGetValue and virSecretObj...
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Introduce virSecretObj{Get|Set}Def
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Introduce virSecretObjSave{Config|Data}
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Introduce virSecretObjDelete{Config|Data}
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Move and rename secretLoadAllConfigs
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Use the hashed virSecretObjList
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Introduce virSecretObjListGetUUIDs
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Introduce virSecretObjListExport
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Introduce virSecretObjListNumOfSecrets
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Introduce virSecretObjListAdd* and virSecretObj...
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Introduce virSecretUsageIDForDef
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Introduce virSecretObjListFindBy{UUID|Usage...
2016-04-25 John Ferlansecret: Create virsecretobj.c and virsecretconf.h
2016-04-25 Michal Privoznikwireshark: Fix distcheck
2016-04-25 Michal Privozniktools: Introduce install-nss targets
2016-04-25 Michal PrivoznikMakefile: Enable distuninstallcheck again
2016-04-25 Michal PrivoznikqemuProcessCreatePretendCmd: Rework FIPS handling
2016-04-25 Laine Stumpqemu: fix error log in qemuAssignPCIAddresses()
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognaniman: Fix links
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognaniman: Fix SYNOPSIS section
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognaniman: Fix NAME section
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Always ship virt-login-shell.conf
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Replace variables in man pages
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Ensure intermediate files are cleaned up properly
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Group files
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Never ship man pages
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Standardize on .pod -> -> .x
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Perform post-processing on all man pages
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Build man pages in $(builddir)
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Extract pod from source files
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Ship virt-admin.pod
2016-04-25 Peter Krempavirsh: host: Use bitmap size in bytes rather than bit...
2016-04-25 Martin Kletzanderqemu: Fix off-by-one error in block I/O throttle messages
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanidocs: Fix some formatting oddities
2016-04-25 Andrea Bolognanisyntax-check: Enforce <code> inside <dt> elements
2016-04-25 Peter Krempadocs: apibuild: Fix VPATH build
2016-04-23 Cole Robinsontests: consistently source in scripts
2016-04-23 Cole Robinsonvbox: VIR_WARN if we don't support the API version
2016-04-23 Cole Robinsontests: remove 'reconnect' and 'statstest'
2016-04-22 Laine Stumpdocs: remove *other* reference to igmp for IPv6
2016-04-22 John Ferlandocs: Add bold style for <dt><code> elements
2016-04-22 Andrea Bolognanidocs: Use <code> inside <dt> for symbols
2016-04-22 Peter Krempadocs: apibuild: Fix for python 2.6
2016-04-22 Martin Kletzanderqemu: Limit maximum block device I/O tune values
2016-04-21 Cole Robinsontests: rename test_conf -> virconftest
2016-04-21 Cole Robinsontests: consistently name virsh tests with 'virsh-'...
2016-04-21 Cole Robinsontests: build: Remove duplicate libvirtd test list
2016-04-21 Cole Robinsonvirconf: Handle conf file without ending newline
2016-04-21 Laine Stumpdocs: remove reference to non-existent "igmp-ipv6"...
2016-04-21 Laine Stumpnetwork: fix DHCPv6 on networks with prefix != 64
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: extract validation of startup policy
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Extract checking of removable status
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Move validation of disk bus vs disk type
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: extract sgio/rawio validation
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Don't bother setting removable state to...
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Initialize closed device tray state to 0
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Extract disk type and device right away
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Remove custom single-use temporary variables
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Mark VIR_DOMAIN_DISK_IO_DEFAULT as 0 and...
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Sanitize parsing of disk format
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Avoid temporary variable when parsing drive...
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Split out parsing of disk <driver> element
2016-04-21 Peter Krempaconf: disk: Extract verification of disk config
2016-04-21 Andrea Bolognanibuild: Fix default network generation on FreeBSD
2016-04-21 Michal PrivoznikdaemonStreamHandleRead: Rework to follow our coding...
2016-04-21 Michal PrivoznikvirNet{Client,Server}*Stream: Update comment
2016-04-21 Michal Privoznikdaemon stream: Remove useless empty lines from header...
2016-04-21 Michal Privoznikdaemon stream: Convert @tx in daemonClientStream to...