Official Releases

The latest versions of the libvirt C library can be downloaded from:

Hourly development snapshots

Once an hour, an automated snapshot is made from the git server source tree. These snapshots should be usable, but we make no guarantees about their stability; furthermore, they should NOT be considered formal releases, and they may have transient security problems that will not be assigned a CVE.

Maintenance releases

In the git repository are several stable maintenance branches, matching the pattern vmajor.minor.micro-maint; these branches are forked off the corresponding vmajor.minor.micro formal release, and may have further releases of the form vmajor.minor.micro.rel. These maintenance branches should only contain bug fixes, and no new features, backported from the master branch, and are supported as long as at least one downstream distribution expresses interest in a given branch. These maintenance branches are considered during CVE analysis.

For more details about contents of maintenance releases, see the wiki page.

GIT source repository

Libvirt code source is now maintained in a git repository available on

      git clone git://

It can also be browsed at:;a=summary

In addition to this repository, there are the following read-only git repositories which mirror the master one. Note that we currently do not use the full set of features on these mirrors (e.g. pull requests on GitHub, so please don't use them). All patch review and discussion only occurs on the libvir-list mailing list. Also note that some repositories listed below allow HTTP checkouts too.

libvirt Application Development Guide

The guide is both a learning tool for developing with libvirt and an API reference document. It is a work in progress, composed by a professional author from contributions written by members of the libvirt team.

Contributions to the guide are VERY welcome. If you'd like to get your name on this and demonstrate your virtualisation prowess, a solid contribution to the content here will do it. :)

Application Development Guide PDF

PDF download is available here:

Application Development Guide source GIT repository

The source is also in a git repository:

      git clone git://

Browsable at:;a=summary

Once you've have obtained the libvirt source code, you can compile it using the instructions here.